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Harris, Roy T.
It takes cloth to make a coat PDF (262.3 KB)

Released Week Beginning November 10
It Takes Cloth to
Make a Coat
By Roy T. Harris
State Supertior
of Dairy Tests
J UST as it takes cloth to make a coat, so it takes feed
to make milk.
   The experiences of the owners of the highest producing
herds in the state all point to a liberal grain ration for
the best results. In some cases they have made $233.40
per cow over the cost of feed which has often amounted
to as much as $134.00. The following rations have given
splendid results with alfalfa hay. Try them.
. Ration No. 1
200 Ground Oats
200 Ground Corn
100 Ground Barley
100 Wheat Bran
100 Oilmeal Oil
   Ration No. 2
300 Ground Oats
300 Ground Barley
200 Wheat Bran
100 Gluten Feed
100 Oilmeal
              Much depends, of course, on the price of feed. How-
           ever, these rations have proved exceptionally profitablez
           under the usual conditions.
              In addition to feeding lots of grain, it's also a good
           idea to feed your cows a home made mineral ration con-
           sisting of 80 pounds of steamed bone meal, and 20 pounds
           of Iodized salt. Just feed 4 pounds of the mineral mix-
           ture with every 100 pounds of grain.
              And in feeding your grain be sure to feed liberally
           at the rate of 7 pounds of grain for each pound of butter
           fat produced.
                      Another article by Mr. Harris on
                      feeding will appear in an early issue.
     "For Farm Prosperity"
[Name of Your Bank)

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