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Chapman, C. J.
Even farms have to be fed PDF (247.4 KB)

Release Week Beginning September 15
Even Farms Have to Be Fed
By C. J. Chapman
Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
WWE all know that crops the same as live stock need
food to produce worth while returns.
   Yet some of us try to grow crops on land exhausted
of all plant food, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash,
and lime. Attempting to make profits on such soil I have
found, is much like putting green glasses on a cow, feed-
ing her sawdust, and expecting 10,000 pounds of milk.
It can't he done.
              Although we return stable manure to the land, there
           is a constant drain on the mineral resources of the soil.
           Many soils contain practically no available plant food--
           poor yields and immature crops result.
              By knowing the vital plant foods your soil needs, you
           know how to grow bigger crops and get plenty of rich
           home grown feed. It's really very simple to know the
           needs of your land. Just drop a line to the State Bofli
           Laboratory, Wisconsin College of Agriculture, Madison,
           and ask for detailed information on an individual farm
           soil survey. Write today and know their way of restoring
           life and richness to your fields.
                   Another article by Mr. Chapman on improv-
                   ing the soil will appear in an early issue.
      "For Farm Prosperity"
[Name of Your Bank]

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