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Stone, A. L.
When quack wins you lose! PDF (262.3 KB)

Release Week Beginning Juy 7
When Quack Wins
You Lose!
By A. L. Stone
State Weed
I F quack grass wins, the good old farm is sure to lose.
There's no fifty-fifty about quack grass.
  Quack costs Wisconsin farmers a tremendous sum and
accounts for a large part of our annual $40,000,000 weed
loss. Of all noxious seeds, quack is the most costly.
It's to blame for hundreds of abandoned farms, heavy
crop losses, and worthless land.
   Wipe it out, eradicate it now, before it piles higher
and higher the cost of planting, cultivating, harvesting.
Here's a good way to rid your farm of the dangerous
weed pest.
               (1) Select a piece of quack infested ground as
                  large as you can saily work and prepare it
                  thoroughly for the crop.
               (2) Bow it to grain.
               (3) Get the grain off quickly and cultivate with
                   a spring tooth harrow or a weed digger
                   often enough to keep down all green shoots.
               (4) Early in the spring plow again.
               (5) Cultivate and sow to buckwheat, millet or
                   Sudan grass.
              This last crop smothers any quack grass that may be
           alive and the weed will be completely eradicated.
              Kill the weed by this method and the farm income in-
           creases. You have a clean, easily worked farm the rest
           of your life.
                       Another article on weeds by Mr.
                       Stone will appear in an early issue.
     "For Farm Prosperity"
[Name of Your Bank)

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