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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural Journalism / 22 community building advertisements : use them to bring your bank greater prestige, increased goodwill, more business

Stone, A. L.
You wouldn't throw $200 to the birds PDF (282.4 KB)

Release Wek B&-&ning May 26
You Wouldn't Throw
$200 to the Birds
                          Y      OU wouldn't throw $200.00 to the birds .
. . Of
    By A. L. Stone        course not! Yet the average Wisconsin farmer tosses
    State Weed            away about $200.00 every year by letting weeds
grow on
    Commissioner         his farm. This needless weed loss totals here in
                          to the terrific annual burden of about $40,000,000.
                             You and I help pay the enormous $40,000,000
weed tax.
                          Think of it! Weeds cost us about $2,000,000 more
                          we realize from all the alfalfa, wheat and potatoes
                          in Wisconsin. The state weed bill would build several
                          state capitals such as we have in Madison, or would
let us
                          give every county $548,000, or would buy each and
                          one of us a cream separator, a riding cultivator,
and a
                          washing machine.
                             Weeds, of course, make hard work harder, run
                          the land, and increase the cost of planting, cultivating,
                          and harvesting: What are we going to do about our
                          annual loss from weeds I
                             As weeds multiply with great speed, one plant
                          times producing as many as 1,250,000 seeds in a
                          season, eradication is the only way out. Now is
the time
                          to get busy . . . delay means more of your money-my
                          money-and lots more. Don't sow weeds on your farm,
                          but fight them today by buying only tested, weedless
                                     Another article on weeds by Mr.
                                     Stone will appear in an early issue.
                     "For Farm Prosperity"
               [Name of Your Bank]

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