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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural Journalism / 22 community building advertisements : use them to bring your bank greater prestige, increased goodwill, more business

Chapman, C. J.
Here's a safe sure way to alfalfa PDF (272.7 KB)

Rekase Week Beginning March 31
Here's a Safe Sure
Way                                        to Alfalfa
                            MAKE       this greatest of crops safe and sure.
With a
     By C. J. Chapman       few simple precautions it is easily grown on
almost any
     Wiacomin coUege        Wisconsin farm.
     of Agricultre
                               After alfalfa is established it survives severe
                            yields heavily, helps build up your land, and
supplies you
                            with a rich feed carrying lots of costly protein.
                            of farms throughout the state have been turned
into fer-
                            tile, productive fields with the aid of this
crop. Here's the
                            way Wisconsin farmers get a good stand:
                                1. Lime the land.
                                2. Use phosphorus.
                                3. Apply potash.
                                4. Inoculate the seed.
                                5. In the early spring sow about 18 pounds
                                  the acre with a light seeding of barley
or oats
                                  (it can also be successfully sown with
                                  canning peas.)
                               Some soils grow alfalfa without any treatment
at all,
                            other soils only need a little lime, and still
others require
                            plenty of lime, phosphorus, and potash. The easiest
                            simplest way to find out precisely what your
land needs
                            for a profitable crop of this splendid high protein
feed, is
                            to write the State Soils Laboratory, Wisconsin
College of
                            Agriculture, Madison . . . They will analyze
your soil,
                            save you money on many expensive fertilizer bills,
                            help you build your farm up to a high state of
                            tion . . . Drop them a line today.
                     "For Farm Prosperity"
                [Name of Your Bank}

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