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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

Foods and nutrition,   p. 31 PDF (320.1 KB)

Clothing,   pp. 31-32 PDF (616.7 KB)

Page 31

        With food and nutrition playing such an important part in the national
effort at home as well as abroad, it has been urgent that all families in
county be reached with the newest and best information,
        A major project in the Home Demonstration foods program this past
centered areound planning the use of plenty of vegetables for the family's
The "lood Value and Proparation of Common and Less Known Vegetables"
was stressed.
Reports from leaders showed that many families are using more vegetables
and also
planted more and a greater variety in their gardens this year,
        In keeping with the national program, nutrition and garden leaders
trained as a part of the Volunteer War Service program,  This is discussed
under that topic.
        At various Farmers and Homemakers Days demonstrations and discussions
given related to "Breezing Fruits, Meats, Vegetables," "Vegetable
Cookery," and
"Planning the Family Food Supply,"
        "The Role of Nutrition in the Victory Program'" was discussed
at several
groups meetings in spring, among rural groups as a means of developing intorest
producing and storing food and among city groups to stimulate further interest
well planned meals.
        To aid the families in Dane County to be well dressed and well groomed
through careful use and care of clothing was the basis of the clothing work,
"Planning and Re-Making the ramilyls Clothing" included suggestions
based on the
national pledge for civilian defense - to buy carefully, take good care of
we have, and waste nothing, L eadors reported an increasing interest in this
,vact as materials and ready-made garments became less readily available,
        This was followed by demonstrations on "Pressing of Ments Suits
and Women's
Dressest" Probably one of the most popular topics of the entire program,
in it has been kept up throughout the year. Leaders are still giving demonstrations
to groups of women who did not attend earlier meetings.  Time saving methods

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