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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

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  ,,. .
         Ih OcuatY A6QitsI Office Is responsible for gettlig inor-
MAtIe  to rural people.  Sometime  It Is necessary to reach larg   am-
bars of People qUck.ys   to this eM, we use oircular letters   d naws
stories, bat 0ne of the quickest and most officient methods ot reahing
out into car rural aomas is tho radio broadcast.
         We put ona regular rogram over Station V I 3 A oach Wednesday,
at l1s45.  F.or poople ore notified of these progrms In advance and from
letters received and coments made, we are certain that wo here been
uccessful In roaching a largo andionoo.
         SabJocts presonted on the rogular wookly broadcast cover a wido
range.  Hero are Just a few of the topics discussed during the past year:
4-. Club Nombers Soloot Tiotory ProJet:    Not 8Slooess Bt Loes Suagr
Wht 8hall We Do With BSboans and foram
1hatts a Oe6& 3xV In PMM& mA
lAM   7ar   8hOn Shortgg in 1942;      Nm Ftrom Meg Fa   VW yront.
         A monthly broadcast proosnted by file women activo   in rural
affairs has boon an especially interesting foature and dosorves special
mention.  The woman who have so generously donated their time and effort
to this featuro are   Mrs. C. Howard KIng; Mrs. Isabel McCarthy; Mrs.
George Mitahell; Xrs. John Langor; and Mrs. Cornelius Sorenson.
          In addition to our regalarly scheduled broadcasts, we hare
alwqto rooeerid courteous consideration from the Madison radio stations
which have broadcast many announooments and spot news items for us upon

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