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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

Lime and fertilizer,   pp. 21-22 PDF (673.1 KB)

Page 21

C      -.       -
          Line Is e"setig to the greviag ot lesmee aem meet ame,
 oaaaty soils   Uxperime of reent Yean SLo roale        te tat mu
 soils ae deficient In phosphate or petash or both.
          Uso oml y practicable lq for farmers to deterrine the Smont
 of lime or fartiliser reqalred oan a field Is lW testing the soil.
 Several agrliulturzl teachers do testing, the University laboratory Is
 alailable to Dane Ocunty farmers, a are also the facilitles of the Dane
 County Soil Consorvation District with headqotoro at our off lea.
          By far, tho greatest part of the 1l.o delivered during tho
past yoar wa delivered under the Consorvation of Materials set-up oper-
atod in oonjunotion with the Agricultural Onaservation Programs Accord-
Ing to the records, 35,000 tons of limostono were delivered under the
Conservation of Matarials progrma botwoon October 1, 1941 and October 1.
1942.  To ostimate that 15,000 additional tons were delivered under
privato contract.
          In making reomaeondations for 11ming matorials, wO have con-
sistontly romuended finely ground matorial.    A mmin. of s  % should
pass throug a 60 mesh slve.
          Most farmors bh  fertillsor from private dealers.  During the
past two year  howeter, soma fertilizer containing phosphate and potash
ha been ade available to farmers under tho Conservation of Materials
sotup.   J3ocaso this fertilizer Is somewhat cheae tha    that bought by
farmers oomerol alyp the uses to whioh It can be put we olilited
         tost year only threo carloads totalling 100 tons of fertilizer
were distributed under the Oonsorvation of Materials progrm,   2his year,
20 carloads totalling 00 tons will be distributed between October 1 and
January 30.
, 'r . 7
!, ""'V 7--, 1 ;11'!
         -71 -1 ti
    'T         : '--

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