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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

Soil conservation and the soil conservation district,   pp. 18-19 PDF (616.6 KB)

Page 18

      w mmsw - 1 mr cvusia
         she @Gmatr Agents' office kas siwqs aeveted @NOssiWrab
tIme to WoUlems of wOeS       MA soil frtilifr dpletion and has eon,-
dused AMMtratiom     a  distributed infination co prope land use.
         ftw*    the weaimlon of a* Doe COuty soi Oonserv Ion Dis-
trlit two yews ago, we hwe Joined our efforts with those of personnel
working in the Dane County Soil Cmnsrvation District.     !he County Ag-
ricultural Cmmittee Is the supervisory boad In ohrgs of the District.
The County Agents are responsible for edcational work wheres technical.
assistance to ftrors and field operations we tho fmnctions of the
U.S. Sail Conservation Sevoi.
         3. D. Rlkekly, JMison, Is District Conservationist and work-
1Ig with him we flve other tchalclas, all U.S. Department of Agri-
culture sempieos, but responsible to the kfpervlsors of the District
for owrying out the progran of wbrk.
         DM* was the 13th county in Wisconsin to beoeme a soil conser-
vation district.  line that times, other County 3 owds hare taken simi-
lw  action until thoro are an    30 districts In the State.
         Gamine progress bas been mae in assisting Sarors with oro-
sion Vrobloms under the District Organisation.    In briefS, here are a
few of the acocTlmishments of the Districts
so. of agreements(to Normber 1. 1942)                     227
Total acres                                            29,169
No. of tress planted (259 acres)                       25,900
Acres of conservation ourvros                         131,100
Mile of terracing (approiato)                                 5
Acres of pasture lprovemont                             2,4100
Drainage survers                                          10 tfra
Acres strip croned                                      3,100
Approiziate umber of ftrers aslssted
                     by District personnel               550
         Me District enables ln owners and ftrm operators to under-
take comumnty and county-Vils problem    of erosion control.   It also
.: ..  Q.:  :  t. ii,. M  iLI.

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