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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

War problems and the war board,   pp. 16-17 PDF (753.1 KB)

Page 16

                                                                   5A' >S'
 *}0  'L 1E
         hi*es the pt   r   the ieete'   f   has bee e e
to most a"sed u$ilagUL   *We thA *We     ViW ef thee. SOr    e  not3
the-A VW U..DA        s 5.m,  00    arenote
        biftwd     VW swan VW. got up at th   voqed  of the leore:
tar7 of jVISI~g In 0100h ocl In tVe Nations        Nmbrs. of the Dos co,
U.S.3.A. Wo Joads
        Joseph CA      A.. ~l Con 0 Comm. - airum
        1o T. Nule   - re'eatieg Count Agonts
        3. D. r larke4 - ftil  onsarytiea Service
        N. J. ogan - 7!m Seinrziv
        Alfred Nordio - Fo Ormdit Agnclos
        J. W. Clark - Secretary to the Var Boad
        The Doad    Weg   In activities considared necessary for the
prosecution of the war off rt upon request of the Secrotary of Ariculure.
The spirit of cooperation song members of the DDe Oounty War Dowd has
been exocllent and every amber has pitched In md done his part. To date,
*omo of ho most Importat activities have beent
1.  7ood for reedom  o   a - October 1941.
    Ahroxmately half the    arm families In Dane County attended school-
    hom"  oeotings where proaction quots we   explained and local leaders
    exploaned a f ow simple methods of incroasing food production.
2.  In Novamber and Dcmberg 1941l, we. inuiprated the first frm srap"
    notel drive. fhis was done preliminary to later drives by the Civilian
    ease Organizations
3.  FOW Mai      XePair  dOmPAiS
    Zn cooosratieo with 26 1is1ment dealerse we lddnohea a vigorous Inforo-
    nation ompalga urging famers to repair machinery early mid to ordw
    repair parts dring the winter monthse   Check sheets were distributed
    end ether practical aids g1ven.
4.  Conservation of Materials
    Me Woe Board has been responsible for advising with all farmers who
    wished to engage ia residential oestruotion In moss of $200.00 or
    other tfrs bulitng construction In meos   of *1000.00.
5.  Dairy Zndustrios vMep-lOatation
    %h Offiee of Price        Oration has wmvaed th$ the sytam ot tras
    porting milk frnr tfo to factey In wvastetl of rubber bomse of du-
    plietioen an or~al   g.    C.I.A. insists .that ame of this inoffliens
    be aimiae.        3o f   & oaK tookd th  load. la adviasi   the Inbetry
    ths oust     of Q9.A's. WOW        at is since assisted the Udestry
tt_ -: t L *' ~ifte"=( i                          .'/       ''     
      5t9*'2- z>_At2X;''''2teti9et e' ,in
                                          'if-if  .. !lbtAs,:t'~.'t;   .
Ilkjdw;"k                 A
,.5.2i_ - srX.l

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