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Cartwright, Carol Lohry; Shaffer, Scott; Waller, Randal / City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history

14. Notable people,   pp. 249-261

Page 260

We Were Here: Contributions of Rock County Women. Janesville: American Association of
University Women, [1986].
Resources Associated with Persons Mentioned in Text
**Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Bennett, John R**.
Bostwick, Joseph M.**
Buchholz, Herman**
Cassoday, John B.**
Chittenden, George W.
Craig, J. A. **
Dunwiddie, Benjamin F. **
Fifield, Elbridge G. **
Fifield, Charles L. **
Ford, 0. B.**
Green, Myron F.* *
Hanson, Magnus"
Harris, James**
Holt, Charles**
Jackman, Claremont**
Jackman, Timothy**
Jeffris, David**
Jeffris, Malcolm G.**
Jeffris, William S.**
King, Angie Josephine**
Knipp, Louis**
Lappin, Thomas"
Lovejoy, Allen P.**
Myers, Peter**
Nuzum, Dr. T. W.
Palmer, Henry"
Parker, George**
Pember, Dr. J. F.
Richardson, Hamilton**
Rowe, Oscar D.**
Sale, John Wesley**
Soverhill, Myron H.**
Spencer, John C.
Sutherland, Helen Menzies**
1020 Laurel Ave.
521 E. Court St.
420 Prospect Ave.
201 E. Milwaukee St.
172 Lincoln St.
307 N. Academy St.
120 S. Division St.
1000 Industrial Ave.
441 Madison St.
408 N. Jackson St.
201 Jackman St.
220 Linn St.
325 N. Washington St.
207 N. Academy St.
301-303 N. Terrace St.
251 Hyatt St.
170 S. Jackson St.
209 S. Franklin St.
220 S. Jackson St.
69 S. Atwood Ave.
55 S. Atwood Ave.
212-214 S. Cherry St.
625 St. Lawrence Ave.
502 St. Lawrence Ave.
625 St. Lawrence Ave.
17 Sinclair St.
485 N. Chatham St.
404 St. Lawrence Ave.
2 S. Main St.
220 St. Lawrence Ave.
212 N. Parker Dr.
117-123 N. Main St.
500 W. Milwaukee St.
237 Madison St.
802,808 E. Court St.
500 W. Milwaukee St.
202 S. Franklin St.
429 Prospect Ave.
420 N. Jackson St.
233 N. Washington St.
336 N. Washington St.
451 N. Parker Dr.
311 N. Washington St.
Notable People

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