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Cartwright, Carol Lohry; Shaffer, Scott; Waller, Randal / City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history

13. Architects and builders,   pp. 227-248

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Builders and Contractors
Anderson, Stanley
Stanley Anderson was a Janesville contractor who designed and built several houses in the city
in the twentieth century. Perhaps his most interesting building was his own house, constructed
around 1939 in the International Style. (Douglas and Hartung 1976: 112, 221)
Home address:         329 S. Atwood Ave.
Buildings:            Adamany House, 226 Forest Park Blvd.
Bartner-Bell House, 145 Jefferson Ave.
Barnes, George
Local histories indicate that master builder George Barnes settled in Milwaukee in 1842 and
moved to Janesville in 1843. He worked as a contractor and builder until 1871, when he became
involved in a flour mill. He is perhaps best remembered as the builder of the Italianate-style
Tallman House. He also erected his own Italianate-style house and two other houses along
East Court Street prior to 1871. (National Register of Historic Places nomination form for
Courthouse Hill Historic District, 1986)
Home address:         303 E. Court St., Courthouse Hill Historic District.
Buildings:            Tallman House, 404 N. Jackson St., Look West Historic District.
317 and 321 E. Court St., Courthouse Hill Historic District.
Billings, David H.
Born in Montgomery County, New York, in 1840, David H. Billings came to Janesville in 1856.
He returned to New York the following year and served as a carpenter's apprentice. In 1865, he
moved to Michigan, remaining there until 1872, when he moved to Rockford, Illinois. In 1880,
he returned to Janesville where he purportedly specialized in church and store construction.
None of these works have been identified. In 1892, Billings formed the short-lived Janesville
Construction Company, with F. H. Billings and G. M. Ashbrook as partners. (Portrait and
Biographical Album 1889:526; City Directories)
Home address:         323 N. High St., Look West Historic District.
Clark, Luther
Luther Clark was one of Janesville's earliest builders and contractors. Born in New York State
in 1826, he moved to Janesville in 1844. In 1847, he returned to New York to learn carpentry.
Back in Janesville around 1850, he worked as a carpenter for approximately eight years. In
1858, Clark entered the contracting business, where he remained for nearly 35 years. Clark was
responsible for many of Janesville's important downtown commercial blocks, including the Court
Street Methodist Church and the Palmer block (not extant). He also built some impressive
residences, including the Allen P. Lovejoy residence, the Claremont Jackman House, and his own
fine Italianate house. (Portrait and Biographical Album 1889:370; City Directories)
Architects and Builders

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