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Cartwright, Carol Lohry; Shaffer, Scott; Waller, Randal / City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history

13. Architects and builders,   pp. 227-248

Page 238

Frank Riley, continued
Designs:       Palmer-Cummings House, 323 S. Garfield St.
J. Harris House, 720 St. Lawrence Ave., Courthouse Hill Historic District.
Smith & Brandt
Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, the architectural firm of Smith & Brandt specialized in
institutional work, particularly churches and hospitals. In Janesville, the firm was responsible
for the Gothic Revival-style Trinity Episcopal Church, built in 1930. They also designed the
Municipal Hospital in Beloit. (Architect's Files)
Designs:       Trinity Episcopal Church, 411 E. Court St., Courthouse Hill Historic District.
Townsend, F. B.
F. B. Townsend practiced in Chicago around the turn of the twentieth century. In Janesville, he
designed the Queen Anne-style Claremont S. Jackman House, built in 1884-1885, a fine example
of the style. (Douglas and Hartung 1976:62, 208)
Designs:       Claremont Jackman House, 69 S. Atwood Ave., Courthouse Hill Historic
Van Ryn & DeGelleke
This architectural firm, which worked out of Milwaukee, was one of the best and most prolific
in southeastern Wisconsin. Henry J. Van Ryn and Gerrit J. DeGelleke became partners in 1897
after Van Ryn had practiced alone for over 15 years. They designed a wide range of buildings
all over the state including houses, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and churches, and
several large buildings for campuses of the state teachers colleges. In Janesville, they designed
the outstanding old Janesville High School, later Marshall Middle School. (Architect's Files)
Buildings:     Old Janesville High School (Marshall Middle School), 408 S. Main St.
Pattern Books
Several Janesville houses that have been identified as being constructed from plans published
in popular pattern books. These houses are fine and elaborate designs that reflect the work of
two noted architects. Although not individually designed by these architects, the houses
listed below represent their work.
Samuel Sloan:         J. B. Crosby House, 1005 Sutherland.
George Barber:        Matthew M. Fardy House, 215 S. Division St., Courthouse Hill
Historic District.
August Buggs House, 339 S. Locust St., Old Fourth Ward Historic
Arthur J. Harris House, 118-120 Sinclair St., Courthouse Hill.
Architects and Builders

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