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Cartwright, Carol Lohry; Shaffer, Scott; Waller, Randal / City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history

7. Government,   pp. 129-146

Page 144

and a large smokestack. In 1915, a machine shop and supply room were added to the south wall
of the building. Other additions to the building were completed in 1918, 1921, and 1930. A city
garage was built to the south of the pumping station in 1936. These additions, for the most part,
were made to harmonize with the original architectural details of the building and are part of
the historic development of the resource. (National Register nomination for Waterworks
Structures of Rock County)
The Janesville Pumping Station was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985
as part of the Waterworks Structures of Rock County. In recent years, the building has been
threatened with demolition more than once and has survived due to the persistence of historic
preservation forces in the community. A devastating fire a few years ago also threatened its
existence, but the building lives on, thanks largely to the Janesville Historic Commission. The
city has added new pumping stations as necessary to provide consistent water pressure for the
community. Modem pumping stations are generally plain, utilitarian buildings, but Pumping
Station No. 2, built in 1938 along Delavan Drive, features modem stylistic details.
During the twentieth century, and particularly during the post-World War II era, the city of
Janesville has greatly expanded its public works services. Many structures have been erected
for street maintenance, garbage collection, the water and sewer systems, and vehicle storage.
These resources have not been sufficiently surveyed for architectural and historical
significance; a few might be potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
It is suggested that at some time in the future, these facilities be surveyed and further
investigated for their historical significance to the development of twentieth-century city
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