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Pope, Amelia Irene Johnson (ed.) / Centennial history, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin : souvenir booklet, 1848-1948

Springdale 1848-1948: organize group to complete town history,   pp. 5-168 PDF (45.3 MB)

Page 153

Theresa Riley and Marie Garfoot. These two have shot a good
many perfect scores in the old hail. We organized the Western
Dane County Rifle Shoot in 1935. Forest Henderson won with
a score of 144 of a possible 150 and was defeated in 1936 by one
point by Joe Olson. Then the shoot was called the Little World's
Championship Shoot. which still goes on, only in Madison, as our
hall got to small for the crowd. We also organized the Champion
Pistol Shoots wx hich was won in 1934 by Forest Henderson and also
won in 1935. Walter Schudigger won in 1936.
Euchre Playing
As told by Pop Henderson
The Euchre Playing started in 1930. Roland Holum of Mt.
Horeb organized a Mt. Horeb team and Henderson organized a
Riley team. We played a five match series for an oyster supper.
Then we played with other towns during the winter. We played
23 matches in 1930 and kvan 20. In 1931 we played 35 matches and
won 30. In 1932 we organized the Sugar River Euchre League;
the only Euchre League on record in the United States. That year
Riley xvon the championship and the individual high one couple
was Forest Henderson and Nellie McCaughey of Riley. Riley has
never won since. We play with an 8 man team: also a team with
4 men and 4 women, a team of 20 men and a team of 20 women.
Now we play a five match series every winter with the Madison
South Side. Riley won the series six years out of seven. Until
last year we played a series with the state capitol of Madison. We
alvays play our league matches on Thursday nights. Our league
has eight teams. Every winter we hold our mid winter tourna-
ment in Mt. Horeb. Every player takes part. After the tourna-
mnent we ahv\-avs have lunch. Altho the Riley Hall is no more,
that is where euchre started. The Bowman l)airy of Madison now
sponsors our team. We still call it Riley-B-F-F.
Tug of war was started just after World War No. 1, but it
was a few years before Riley became interested. In 1927 we or-
g anized a team under the name of the Modern Woodsmen. R. J.
Paulson was coach. We had a good team but not good enough so
the team quit. In 1929 I organized another team. We pulled at
fairs and picnics. We won every pull and in October at the fair
.at Blanchardville we pulled with Primrose for state championship
and won. We never llled after that. The team was Karl Kahe,
Richard Farrell, Jerome Brown, Walter Richard, Earl Moore
Irvin Bakken, Frank Kahlchien, Hillery McCaughey, Earl Riley,
Ted Lingard. Joe Lingard, and Manager Forest Henderson.

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