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Pope, Amelia Irene Johnson (ed.) / Centennial history, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin : souvenir booklet, 1848-1948

Springdale 1848-1948: organize group to complete town history,   pp. 5-168 PDF (45.3 MB)

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0. Bakken, John Deneen, John Riley, Clarence Henderson, George
McCaughey, Alfred Thorson, Charles Himsel, Robert E. Beat, Os-
car Oimoen, C. A. Sorenson, Clarence J. Lunde, Carl H. Messer-
schmidt, Ervin Lust, Herman Erfurth, Arthur Moore, Herman
Hankel, Sidney Foye, H. B. Fargo, Lewis J. Rue, Otto Shutvet,
Mtrtin Martinson, Lewis Eggum, H. J. Bang, William Kahl, Tollef
P. Lee, A. M. Johnson.
Pending reports from committees and assembling of data an-
other meeting will be held at a future date.
A. R. Sorenson, secretary.
(This article was published in the Mount Horeb paper in order
to give every one a chance to contribute to the history. A notice was
also published in The Capital Times and the Wisconsin State Jour-
nal, both Madison papers.)
SN JANUARY 28, 1947, I had the pleasure of having a
long talk with my uncle, Mr. John Nimmo, now a
resident of Mt. Horeb, and with the aid of my brother,
H. C. Erfurth, asking the questions, we were able to obtain a lot
of valuable information. Mr. Nimmo is now 93 years old. He has
a very keen mind and gave us the names of many of the first
settlers in Springdale. Mr. Nimmo has one living brother, David, 87,
of Long Prayer, Minnesota, and two living sisters, Mrs. Maggie
Henderson of Mt. Horeb, and Miss Lizzie Nimmo of Verona. Mr.
Nimmo told us how his father and mother, Mrs. and Mrs. Henry
Nimmo, came to Springdale in the early part of 18-, They settled
on the farm that is now best known as the Mike Je iie Farm in
Section 36. They pioneered there for several years. Cuming here
from Scotland, Mr. Nimmo told us a very interesting story about
his father, who was drafted in October, 1865, for the Civil War.
He said his father started to build a stone house with the help
of a mason named Don Stewart. They had the basement completed
when he was drafted. Mr. Nimmo knew his wife would be left
with four small children and one unborn and it was his desire to
leave his family in a comfortable home, but he         muafted mch
sooner than he had expected and the                    ,ieted
until his return from the Army. Mr.
father and Stephen Foye we  drafteo 'msame time
ing to leave their families  y hid themselves. After
knew that his wife was ,afely through childbirth a'
was one week old he went to Madison and g    e h;,ese
authorities and served his time in the Civil war. Mr. I   L-.
McPherson was the man Mr. Nimmo surrendered to.       ieft on
January 1st and returned some time in April the :a  year.

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