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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Rietbrock, Fred.
Northern Wisconsin for dairying,   pp. 9-22 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 21

Tf      People learn more auickl hy bynm,,dlk.     I
by precept. If an object lesson is brough before
their eyes they can study that much more cor-
rectly than if they tried to get the information
through volumes of print.
   There is perhaps no better example than
could be cited in this line than is found in the
herd and workings of H. D. Griswold of West
Salem, La Crosse county, this state. This dairy-
man, upon a farm of fifty acres supplemented by
Mou~y-uve acres or rented pasture, has in the
period of a little better than ten years, produced
from common stock, by the use of pure-bred
Guernsey sires, a herd of cows, numbering up-
wards of twenty, that have averaged him over
400 pounds of butter during last year.
   Surely with such a herd of cows, together
with the pig industry to be carried on with it
  Wn VULUU or Lae mm milk, very much greater
  results can be obtained than from a common
  herd, or a half and half dairy and beef herd,
  whose average would not be one-half of the
     In carrying on a dairy business there is much
  work implied, and must be mainly the work of
  the family owning the land. It is a home busi-
  ness that families can carry on within themselves
  most profitably, and with reasonable care and
  diligence will support a family much more com-
  fortably and provide a surer surplus than Wil
  most any other undertaking.
     Having stated the conditions as we find
 them in northern Wisconsin upon which to pr-
I dieate Its dairy possibilities-that means what it
will do in the dairy line in the future-we may  V
be permitted now to figure out the numuir and
Xlas of our dairy farms, and plant thereon the
                       31                       i  I

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