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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Rietbrock, Fred.
Northern Wisconsin for dairying,   pp. 9-22 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 19

Ias the conditiofi now is the land is cheaply
  cleared of its wealth of timber Inasmuch as every
  variety of timber is valuable In a commercial
  sense; the logs for lumber, either for house build-
  ing or for furniture and other mechanic arts;
  the hemlock bark for the tanneries; the trees for
  pulpwood, the smaller sticks for railroad ties,
  the maple and birch for cordwood. the small and
   inferior basswood trees for barrel stock, the
i  black a~qh for hnA.n n.- &%.-, _-    __
          -_ - --F) ~ 1u"4 wiui w~e present
facilities for transportation and the demand for
the timber product, all in all the labor in the
clearing up of the land is well and fully com.
pensated for by the prices obtained for these
various products.
        Crameia and          Falooded..
   As this Mnaer---s  n -     g-o
I thrifty husbandman works the land up into de-
' sirable farms. The stock business and dairying
v is already well upon ts fJt- Of th. 9 win At
  eries and cheese factories represented upon the
  dairy map of Wisconsin of 1901, nearly 800 of
  them are located in the northern half.
      The erection of creameries and cheese fac-
  tories has been going on within the past two
  years with double the rapidity ever before wit-
  nessed in that territory. As thu procees con.
> tinues the people will still more and more go
  into the dairy business, and it is only a question
  of time, and a short time at that, when northern
  Wisconsin will be one of the greatest and most
  successful dairy sections in the United States.
     Land of the very best quality for general
  farming, and which cannot be excelled for dairy
  farming, can still be had for a very sml price
  and that is why farmers, largely of the soesflhi

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