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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Rietbrock, Fred.
Northern Wisconsin for dairying,   pp. 9-22 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 18

southern Wisconsin. The value of It in balanc-
ing a cow ration, and especially for pork pro-
duction, is hardly appreciated.
    Dairymen will concede that with an abun-
dance of oats, barley, peas, clover and red top
hay a fairly well balanced and good feeding
ration can be made for the dairy cow, especially
if this is supplemented by corn and corn silage.
    While the dent corn on the purely clay and
clay loam soils have not ripened as ┬žuccessfully
as on the warmer sandy and sandy loam soils,
Aint corn matures well and either variety ma-
tures sufficiently for first class silage. As the
country has become older and more cleared up
In larger areas the corn has done very much
    Some say that blue grass is indigenous to
the Boil Be that as it may. In the other sec-
tions you find it everywhere, in the pastures and
along the road sides, the genuine so-called Ken-
tucky blue grass, or poa pratensis.
    For grazing, where It does so well, nothing
better has yet been found. A blue grass pasture
with a mixture of white and alsike clover, some
red top and orchard grass, cannot be excelled for
the growth of young animals and for milk and
butter fat production.
   Blue joint Is a native grass of this region
and makes the finest quality of hay. It is not
found In large areas, but is found in considerable
quantities in the valleys of the small streams
and on the so-called alder bottoms, but the main
reliance for pasture and for the hay and grain
crop must be put upon the higher land, which In
Its primeval state is covered with timber.
   The lumbermen and the farmers have
worked togetbfr in clearing off such Iad  ed
       ,    :                             o~~~~~1

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