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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Rietbrock, Fred.
Northern Wisconsin for dairying,   pp. 9-22 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 15

most any part of northern Wisconsin can be
traversed in a day in a comfortable palace car,
and all the productions of this territory are
easily and cheaply landed in the best markets of
the country.
     In the valleys of the large rivers and on the
 lines of these various railroads, cities have been
 built, water powers have been improved, factories
 have been established and employment is given
 to thousands of people.
     The farming industry is also largely on the
 increase. The farms are generally small, run-
 ning from 80 to 160 acres, but such as have been
 established are in good condition, with good
 buildings, and show a high degree of prosperity.
      Had there been any doubt of the desirability
  of northern Wisconsin for general farming, this
  doubt was most effectually dispelled when some
- of the northern counties exhibited their agri-
  cultural productions at the state fairs during the
  last few years. Marathon county for three years
  in succession won first prize upon the merit of
  its various forage plants, grain and fruit, when
  put in comparison with the exhibits presented
  by such agricultural counties as Waukesha,
  Kenosha, Walworth and Jefferson.
      While Marathon county had no exhibit at
  the state fair last year, Its neighboring counties
  of Lincoln, Taylor, Price, Ashland and Douglas
  did have, and the first prize, based upon the
  merit of their agricultural exhibits, went again
  to the northern part of the state.
      The question has often been asked-can they
   raise fruit in the northern part of the state? Of
   course they can; but you might say does that
   affect the dairy possibilities of the country? In
   away, yes. A country that produces good fruit

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