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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Rietbrock, Fred.
Northern Wisconsin for dairying,   pp. 9-22 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

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and especially since the coming in of railroads,
the true character of the country has become
more generally known.
             Condis of Crnate
    The climate of northern Wisconsin is not
essentially different from that of southern Wis-
consin. It has a little greater altitude and lies
some northerly, but it also extends more westerly,
The lines of equal temperature run in Wisconsin
about from the southeast to the northwest, and
not east and west as some people might suppose.
    The climate is healthy, as is general in Wis-
consin. The people are strong, active and pro-
gressive as people generally are in a country that
has a snug winter in Its change of seasons.
    During winter the ground is covered with
snow, which as a rule, comes between the middle
of November and the 10th of December, and re-
mains on the ground until into the forepart of
March, so that during the entire cold period the
ground is so covered that frost seldom penetrates
deeper than about two feet and which is nowhere
under this snow cover frozen as hard as It is in
the southern sections that are not so covered.
   In the summer it does not become a8,4cess-
ively hot and dry as we often experience it in
southern Wisconsin, showers are more frequent.
The excessively dry and hot winds from the
southwest do not seem to penetrate northern
Wisconsin, but when the wind does prevail from
that quarter it is generally followed by rain.
   Until recently the abuidance of timber was
often assigned as the cause for this difference in
rainfall, but Dr. Wilson, director of the United
States weather bureau at Mlilwaukee, in his
lecture at the closing farmers' i institute at

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