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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Northern Wisconsin: its agricultural possibilities,   pp. 3-8 PDF (1.1 MB)

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Canada, the dlffet~nce being in our favor if
anything. Farmers should endeavor therefore
to secure cheese factories and engage extensively
in the manufacture of cheese, remembering
always that if they will follow reasonable
rules they can soou be producing. a brand of
cheese that will bring a higher price in the
market than that produced further south, and
that a reputation once established will be worth
a great deal of -money to them. In order to rear
the calves and thus keep up the herds, It is well
to have a combined butter and cheese factory,
making butter In the early spring wheh the
calves need the milk, and then turning to cheese
making later on when that article commands a
good price and the price of butter has fallen.
    Next to dairying comes sheep rearing, which
should become a most extensive industry In this
great region. There are many kinds of vegeta-
tion in our north suited to the sheep. Mutton
produced in that cool summer climate will have
a firmness and flavor unequalled by the softer,
more greasy product from sheep reared further
south. The Wisconsin Agricultural college has
been an easy winner in competition with other
institutions showing sheep 'at state and interna-
tional fairs. This is in no small measure due to
our superior climate, and if we can produce
better sheep than the average at Madison, then
our farmers still further north cani easily lead us
in the excellence of their muttons. Pork produc-
tion will also prove a most profitable Industry in
our new north, because of the abundance of
clover pastures, the numerous by-products from
the dairy, the fair yields of corn and especially
the large crops of field peas which can be raised.
By growing rape and peas, and turning the hogs

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