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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter thirteen,   pp. 72-98 PDF (10.2 MB)

Page 97

before the garage door and over the driveway so I could back
my car out and get out of the house. I knew that Pearl had
electricity, water and heat so I took my electric razor, some
clean clothes and drove to her house. I guess I must have looked
pretty tough when I knocked at her door and asked if I could
have a bath and a bed to sleep in for a while. After five days
the electricity and telephone wires were finally repaired to
Blue Horizon. I was president of the telephone company but was
almost the last one to get service again, so you know no
favoritism was shown.
Ted Moll came up several times and cut up fallen branches
for me, and two men and their sons came up on several Saturdays
to clean up the woods behind the house. I was in no shape
physically to do any hard work, in fact my doctors gave me
strict orders to do no hard physical work or I might break
the wires from my pacemaker to my heart.
As the weather got warmer I began to feel better and the
shingles began to ease up little by little. I had gotten pretty
thin and guant and many people later told me they didn't think
I would pull through, but I did.
That spring and summer Pearl and I picked a lot of berries
on Blue Horizon, all wild, and we had asparagus every day from
my garden. There also was a bumper crop of wild grapes and
Pearl made a lot of grape jelly while Dave and Yvonne came out
and picked all they wanted and made wild grape wine.
That May (1976) Pearl and I attended my 50th Anniversary
at the University and I became a member of the "Half Century
Club". My law school graduation was two years later but I didn't
attend it. At our fortieth, which I had attended, there were
only about three of our class in attendance. In 1980, I received
an invitation from the Dane County Bar Association to a dinner
honoring fifty year members, who had practiced law for fifty years.

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