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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter thirteen,   pp. 72-98 PDF (10.2 MB)

Page 73

We then drove where he told us to go. As the next day was
July 4th, I was glad we would have a place to stay, there were no
other motels in this area. We passed the entrance to the tourist
cabins without seeing it and ended up at the main lodge. We were
immediately suspicious but went in and I asked about reservations
for the Danhouser party and the desk clerk said:
"Oh yes Mr. Danhouser we have the reservations for your party."
He called a bell hop who took us to the most luxurious apart-
ment, two bedrooms and bath and a large living room with a fire-
place. We knew something was fishy so before we unpacked anything
we had a pow-wow and decided that we should try to pay the bill
before we used the room. The clerk told us we couldn't pay the bil
then but had to pay in the morning. We insisted we wanted to pay
tonight as we wanted to get an early start in the morning. He
again refused to let us pay and wouldn't tell us the price.
We slept uneasy in our "Deluxe" apartment and got up early
to get an early start. When we had our bags all packed we went down
to the lobby we told the clerk on duty we wanted to pay the bill
and he asked if we had made any phone calls or ordered any refresh-
ments, we said we had not, so he looked up our bill and said we
owed $25.00. We refused to pay that price and told him the
manager of Bryce Canyon had phoned in our presence reserving
our quarters for $5.00. After trying to pay the night before
we thought that maybe the cabins were all filled up so the hotel
decided to give us the Deluxe apartment for the same price.
We waited over an hour for the manager to wake up and
come down to the lobby and when we said we would not pay the $25.00
and for him to call the manager of the Bryce Canyon quarters but
he wouldn't, and then the little old lady who was with us really got
mad and backed him across the lobby--she really let him have it
with both barrells and finally she backed him in a corner and he
"O.K. O.K., just get out of here".

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