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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eleven,   pp. 60-64 PDF (1.9 MB)

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would have some rooms they would rent out for the deer season.
In those days it was only three days, and the deer season was
open only every other year. I think this was about 1934 or 1935.
The farm was owned by a middle aged couple who said they would be
glad to have us for the season. They were a jolly couple and we
enjoyed our stay with them, especially as we could walk to the
hunting area from the house.
The next morning we were out in the woods by dawn. We
found stumps to sit on for the first couple of hours but didn't
see any deer. Finally we lined up to walk through the woods,
keeping in sight of each other. One of the fellows on the further
end of our line was having a problem getting through the brush so we
stopped until he caught up. I was on the further end of the line so
I stood still and kept looking for a deer and finally saw a beautiful
buck standing about seventy-five feet from me. I looked at him and
he looked at me for several minutes until I heard one of my friends
call "let's go" and I started walking. All of a sudden I came to my
senses and realized I should have shot at that buck, but when I
looked around he was gone. Did I have buck fever?
On the last day we were hunting separately when all at once
I heard shooting to my right. I knew Louie was in that direction
so I slowly headed over there. On the way I saw Roy and the two of
us went over until we saw Louie working on his rifle. He told us he
had shot several times and severely wounded a buck when his gun
jammed. We could see a lot of blood so Roy and I started on its
trail. Very often we could see where the buck had fallen and then
got up again. Finally we got to where two other hunters were getting
ready to dress out the deer. There had been no shots so we knew
they had not shot the buck. I called to them and said that was our
deer and we were trailing it. They made no pretense of having
killed the deer but turned their guns on us and said:
"What are you going to do about it?"
What would you have done under the same circumstances?

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