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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eleven,   pp. 60-64 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 60

Like many a boy I wanted a Daisy BB gun to hunt with. My
parents did not want me to have a gun, but eventually there
appeared a Daisy under the Christmas tree, and I was warned not
to shoot the gun around the buildings, or even aim it at any
person. As there was woods nearby I would go there to shoot me
some wild game. The only game I can remember shooting was a sparrow
or two, but I did a lot of target practice. I went hunting with a
cousin of mine several times, but he had a 22 calibre rifle which
I knew it was useless to ask my parents for.
I never did have a gun other than this BB gun until after
I had finished law school and was married. I then went hunting
with friends, mostly pheasant and rabbit hunting until I got inter-
ested in deer hunting which became my major sport, hunting for twenty-
five years in Vilas County and later with another group for ten
years in Bayfield County.
I remember the first year I went deer hunting. I didn't have
the proper clothing and I had to rent a gun which I failed to try
out before leaving for the north. There were four of us who went
that first time, Charley Jones who organized the hunt, Louie
Kraemer, Roy Marsden and myself.
We thought that Charley had found a place for us to stay
but when we got near Merrill he informed us we would have to find
a place. We took a road leading west out of town and finally saw
a tavern. We went in, and after ordering a beer inquired if they
had rooms to rent during the hunting season. The woman behind the
bar told us they did have several rooms to rent, and also they were
going to have several ladies come up from Chicago. We decided that
this was no place for us and left.
We continued down the road which seemed to head toward the
woods. We saw a farm house and sent Charley in to see if they

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