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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter five,   pp. 27-30 PDF (1.5 MB)

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Cadillac but she drove an electric car which was entirely glass
enclosed. I never did learn to drive the electric but I could
handle the Cadillac O.K.
Friday and Saturday nights were date nights. The shower
room was down the hall from our room and I had taken a shower
and started back to our room and as I neared the door, which had
a glass panel in the upper half, I held out my arm while I talked
to a friend in the hall and someone in the room purposely pushed
the door hard and my arm went through the glass. My hand and
wrist were cut severely. It was a good thing that the infirmary
was next door at that time and a doctor took care of it immediately.
He also forbid me to take part in the bag rush which was to take
place the next day. Besides my getting cut by broken glass my
room mate and I had to pay to have the glass replaced because it
was our room.
The bag rush was a struggle between the freshmen and sopho-
mores every fall after the start of school. Huge canvas bags
were stuffed and tied and placed in the middle of the lower
campus in a line from Langdon Street to State Street. The
freshmen would be lined up on one side and the sophomores on the
other side. The sophomores would try to hose down the freshmen
side the night before the fracas so it would be muddy and slippery.
At a signal the two sides would dash for the big canvas
bags and try to get as many bags as possible on their side of the
centerline, the side that ended the struggle with the most on their
side won. What did they win? I often wondered about that but I
never found out. After the first burst of strength the bags would
move very little and the struggle ended with many of the participants
having their clothes torn off and some ended up with only their
shoes on and would have to run for the old Red Gym where they had
or found some clothes to cover themselves with. There were
plenty of girls along Langdon Street to see what they could see.

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