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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter five,   pp. 27-30 PDF (1.5 MB)

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The second year I attended the University I stayed at
the University Y.M.C.A. which at that time was next to the old
Red Armory. My room mate was Fred Clapp who also went on to
law school. He ended up practicing in California. I got a job
in the cafeteria carrying dirty dishes to the kitchen and some-
times running the dishwasher. No one wanted this job because you
smelled like garbage after you worked at it for awhile,! and
and taking a shower wouldn't get rid of the odor.
I had to take Latin this year and you had to learn two
years of high school Latin in one year. A friend, Harold
Ashcroft, had one and one-half years of Latin in high school
but the University wouldn't allow him any credit so he had to
take it over. I studied with him every night, especially the
second semester when we got into Ceasar. Because I had to work
in the cafeteria every noon and had only fifteen minutes to
eat and get to my 1:30 class I would fall asleep. When the
instructor called on me Harold would poke me and show me where
to read. I could go ahead and translate it without hesitation.
She told Harold she wanted to talk to him after class one
day, and she asked him why I fell asleep in class every day. He
told her I was working my way through school and didn't get enough
sleep, and he told her I studied with him every night and always
knew the assignment. Harold didn't tell me this for a long time,
but at the end of the semester she kept me after class and advised
me to cut down some on my outside work and also take fewer classes.
I found that there are a lot of helpful people in this world if
you just look for them.
That second year I worked a lot for Mrs. Carl Tenny at
their beautiful home on Lake Mendota at the end of Pinckney
Street. I waxed floors and polished brass for her (of which they
had an awful lot) and I sometimes chauffered for her. They had a

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