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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter three,   pp. 15-21 PDF (2.6 MB)

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After we had been working about a month they needed a
crew to work around Lily. Ralph and I and a number of others
thought it would be fun to go so we signed up and took the train
north. We were stationed at Lily and we slept in a box car which
had been converted to a bunk house. We soon found it was already
occupied with bedbugs. We ate in a box car next to us which was
occupied by a male cook and one-half was the kitchen and dining
room and the other half he lived in. When we asked him what he
did about the bed bugs he told us he had a small sack of caraway
seeds tied around his neck. I think a bag of peanuts would have
done as much good.
One day we were working north of Lily and when we were
through for the day we piled on the hand cars and headed home.
There was a train standing at our bunk car so we had to lift off
our hand cars and wait until the train unloaded and pulled out.
We had stopped in a wild blueberry patch and as they were ripe we
ate them, and we ate and ate until the train pulled out.
Lily had a movie in the town hall once a week and as this
was the night we all went. About half way through the movie I
had to visit Mrs. Jones, and it wasn't long before the rest were
leaving the show. As there was only a two-holer there wasn't
room for everyone so we had to pull our pants down in the back
lot. We got very little sleep that night. We would hardly lay
down before we would be called again. If we had been given a big
dose of caster oil plus croton oil it couldn't have been worse.
By the time we were supposed to get up and go to work we were all
too weak to get out of bed. NEVER eat ripe blueberries on an
empty stomach.
Sundays we roamed the woods and lakes in the area. As there
were no houses once you got out of town we didn't need any swim
suits to go swimming, and we often went skinny dipping. One
afternoon we were having a good time swimming in a beautiful
small lake when mother nature called me and I went ashore. Not
having any toilet paper I looked around for a substitute and found
a vine near by with shiny leaves so I used them. After a couple

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