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Cooperative Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop Reporting Service (Wis.) / Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter
Vol. XLII ([covers January 1963/July 1963])

Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter. Vol. XLII, no. 5,   pp. [17]-20 PDF (1.9 MB)

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dropped with the total for 1962 the
lowest on record. Chewing tobacco
and snuff consumption is also down
from earlier years.
Wisconsin's 1963 Maple
Sirup Output Drops
Wisconsin's maple sirup output was
down sharply from a year ago.
Weather conditions caused a short
maple season. The day-night temper-
ature variation was not great enough
for maximum sap flow during much
of the season. This resulted in few
good sustained runs. Quality of the
sirup varied and the color was poor.
Sirup production in the state of
65,000 gallons is about two-fifths under
last year's output of 105,000 gallons.
It is 23 percent below the 1957-61
average. This year's output ranked
Wisconsin fifth among the sirup pro-
ducing states. Vermont and New
York, the leading producers, were both
below last year in production as were
most of the maple sirup states. The
nation's output of 1,145,000 gallons of
sirup was 21 percent below last year
and 17 percent below the 1957-61
average. Generally the 1963 maple
season was the poorest in several
Maple Sirup Production and Price,
by States
State       Sirup made,    Price per gal.
1963 1 1962    1963 1 1962
(000 gallons)    Dollars
Maine ........      9       9   6.60    6.5o
New Hampshire       38     35   6.20    5.80
Vermont ........  392     441   5.40    4.50
Massachusetts      42      35   5.50    5.10
New York          368     519   4.50    4.35
Pennsylvania       81      94   4.80   4.70
Ohio ......  ...   83     114   5.60    5.55
Michigan  .....    52      73   5.50    5.55
Minnesota ........  5       9   4.80    4.95
Maryland ........   10     12   4.45    4.40
Wisconsin          65     105   4.70    4.95
United States  1,145  1,446   5.08    4.68
OIncludes situp later made into sugar.   Does
not include production on nonfarm lands in
Somerset County, Maine.
Producers in the state were receiv-
ing an average price of $4.70 per gal-
lon for this spring's output. This com-
pares with $4.95 received last year.
Total value of this year's production
is estimated at $306,000. The 1962
output was valued at $520,000.
Commercial Livestock Slaughter, 1961-62
Number                       Liveweight
Class              1962  |   1961      1962      1962      1961      1962
l__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _  1961         1            1961
Thousand head      Percent    Million pounds     Percent
Change                        Change
Cattle............................  877  918   - 4        946.9      985
     - 4
Calves   .     .865                    993     -13        104.3      118
Hogs    .     .3,210                  3,140     + 2       767.5      738
     + 4
Sheep & lambs      .68                 152     -55          6.5     
 15      -57
United States
Cattle .26,083                       25,635     - 2     26,220.2   26,769
    - 2
Calves . .                 7,494      7,701    - 3       1,668.1    1,863
Hogs79 79.                   334     77,335     + 3     18,982.8   19,537
    - 3
Sheep & lambs .16,837                17,190    - 2       1,639.2    1,718
    - 5
Calf Slaughter Follows
1962 Downward Trend
Fewer cattle and calves were
slaughtered in Wisconsin during the
first quarter of this year than the
same 1962 period. Decreases in slaugh-
ter of cattle and calves continued into
March. For the nation slaughter of
cattle is higher than a year ago but
calf slaughter is lower both for March
and the first quarter of the year.
Slaughter of hogs in Wisconsin is be-
low a year ago for both March and
the first quarter this year. National
slaughter was above a year ago. In
the state and nation both the March
and first quarter sheep and lamb kill
was sharply below last year.
Fewer cattle were slaughtered in
Wisconsin plants last year than in
1961 while an increase is reported for
the nation. Calf slaughter showed a
much sharper drop in the state than
in the nation last year. Slaughter of
hogs showed about the same percent-
ages increases for state and nation.
The 1962 slaughter of sheep and lambs
in Wisconsin was off 55 percent from
the previous year while a drop of
only 2 percent is shown for the nation.
State's Milk Output
At April 1962 Level
Wisconsin dairy herds produced
1,695 million pounds of milk in April.
This production is only 6 million
pounds above April last year. It is 36
million pounds or 2 percent above
average for the month. While milk
production in April is practically un-
changed from a year ago, total pro-
duction for the first four months of
this year is 1 percent less than out-
put for the same 1962 period.
WISCONSIN                              1940-636.0
April milk production on farms in
the nation of 11,149 million pounds
was 1 percent less than a year ago
and equal to the average for the
month. Dairy herds produced 41,569
million pounds of milk in the first
four months of this year - 1 percent
less than the same period last year.
Sharp Drop Reported In
Meat Animal Price Index
Wisconsin's index of prices received
by farmers for products sold in April
was 236 percent of the 1910-14 aver-
age and the lowest for the month since
1957. The index of prices paid by
farmers at 305 percent of the 1910-14
level was the highest on record for
the month. And purchasing power of
Wisconsin farm products at 77 per-
cent below the 1910-14 average was
the lowest for the month since 1939.
Purchasing power is the ratio of the
index of prices received to prices paid.
The index of prices received for
April was 3 percent below a year ago.
This drop is largely because of a de-
crease of nearly 9 percent in the in-
dex of meat animal prices and nearly
2 percent in milk prices. Index fig-
ures for both poultry and crop prices
were 1 percent above a year ago, and
there was no change in the farm price
of eggs from April last year.
Prices received for both hogs and
calves averaged about $2 a hundred-
weight below April last year and con-
tributed a large share to the overall
drop in the farm price of meat ani-
mals. Prices received for hogs sold
in April averaged $13.30 a hundred-
weight or the lowest for the month
since 1944. Calf prices averaged $23.70
a hundredweight and cow prices
$13.50. Cow prices were 50 cents be-
low a year ago and the lowest for
April since 1957. This drop also con-
tributed considerably to the 9 percent
decrease in the meat animal price in-
dex. Sheep and lamb prices were
above a year ago.
Wisconsin farmers received an aver-
age of 19 cents a pound for turkeys
or 2 cents less than a year ago while
farm chicken prices at 10 cents up 1
cent from the April 1962 average.
Egg prices dropped 3 cents from
March to April to average 29 cents a
dozen or the same as a year ago.
Prices received for milk sold by
farmers in April averaged $3.25 a
hundred pounds for milk of average
test. This price showed a seasonal
drop from March of 4 cents and was
down 5 cents from April last year.
May, 1963
e -.-cs -1s*p"," IVC

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