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Cooperative Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop Reporting Service (Wis.) / Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter
Vol. XXIX ([covers January 1950/December 1950])

Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter. Vol. XXIX, no. 1,   pp. [1]-4 PDF (2.1 MB)

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t l1 RAN',
Bureau of Agricultural Economics
Division of Agricultural Statitics
Walter H. Ebling,
Federal-State Crop Reporting Service
C. D. Caparoon,             Emery C. Wilcox,
Agdeltuwral Statisticiams
Cecil W. Estes
Vol. XXIX, No. 1             State Capitol, Aladison, Wisconsin         
   January, 1950
United States Crops-1949
The nation's total output for
its principal crops last year was
exceeded only by the record
production of 1948. Total acre-
are was larger than in 1948 but
yields were not as high.
Farm Stocks of Grain and Hay
Farm stocks of corn on Wis-
consin farms on January 1 were
higher than a year earlier and
above average, but the nation's
stocks of corn on farms were
smaller. Wheat and oat stocks
at the beginning of the year
were smaller in both the state
and nation than a year ago.
Farmers have more hay than
last winter.
Milk Production
December milk production on
Wisconsin farms as well as for
the nation as a whole was a
record for the month.
Egg Production
Egg production per layer as
well as total egg output estab-
lished new December records in
Wisconsin as well as for the
Prices Farmers Receive and
Prices received for products
sold by Wisconsin farmers dur-
ing December averaged 12 per-
cent below December 1948, but
prices paid dropped only 5 per-
cent during the year. Purchas-
ing power of the farm dollar
declined about 7 percent during
Current Trends
Slaughter of hogs is above a
year ago and average, but
slaughter of cattle, calves, and
sheep and lambs is below a
year ago and under average.
Cold-storage holdings of butter
and cheese on January 1 were
larger than a year ago and the
average for January.
Special Items (Pages 3 and 4)
Prices Received by Wisconsin
Farmers for Farm Products,
1910 to Date. (Published only
once each year.)
Farm Wages.
THE PAST YEAR-1949-was a
good one for agricultural produc-
tion in the United States. The na-
tion's total output for its principal
crops last year was exceeded only
by the record production of 1948.
For the country as a whole crop pro-
duction during the past year was
uniformly large for most of the im-
portant crops. The acreage in crops
harvested was up by well over 3 mil-
lion acres during the past year.
Losses were about average. Crop
yields were generally high, though
not as high as in the record produc-
tion year of 1948. Throughout the
planting, growing, and harvesting
seasons conditions were generally
favorable, the late harvesting weather
being especially good.
Unlike 1948 Wisconsin had a good
crop year in 1949. In 1948 this state
was too dry and its crops were not as
good as the average for the country
as a whole. In 1949, however, Wis-
consin's crop output was a little bet-
ter than that for the nation as a
whole. The state had record corn
production in 1949, fairly good hay
and pastures, and quite good grain
crops even though these were under
1948. Cash crops in the state gener-
ally had a good year in 1949.
With the carryover from 1948,
stocks of feed grain available on
farms both for this state and for the
country as a whole at the end of 1949
were very high. With two good corn
crops in succession, the supply avail-
able is at a new high point. Both in
total volume and on a per-animal unit
basis, supplies of feed at the begin-
ning of 1950 were generally excellent.
Stocks of Grain and Hay on Farms
Data for January 1, 1950 show that
stocks of corn for Wisconsin are
larger than a year earlier and above
average, but for the nation corn
stocks are smaller. Wheat and oat
Percentage of Grain and Hay Stocks
on Farms
(January I estimates)
Percent of Previous Crop
Crop         I0e          year
1950   1949  average
Corn'-.       74.0    70.0   69.0
Wheat         61.0   66.0   72.2
Oats-         66.0   70.0    68.5
Soybeans      65.0    61.0   59.72
Hey-          72.0   70.0    71.9
United States
Corn' -       77.2   74.9    76.6
Wheat         28.5   29.8   36.2
Oats --       62.0   62.2   63.0
Soybeans      27.8   33.9    28.02
Hay - - -  -  69.7   67.6   69.9
IBased on corn for grain.  2Short-tino average.
Weather Summary, December 1949
Temperature      I,.6pitatiob
Degrees Fahrenheit    Inches
:hs               |        |1  u < o
Duluth . -14   46  14.5 15.9 1.17 1.15+ 3.62
Spooner   -14  49   18.5 16.4 0.79 0.86  0.25
Park Falls_ -12  46  16.1 15.2 0.60 1.36  0.97
Rhinelander -20  43  17.4 16.6 1.07 1.00  1.68
Wausau -                19.1 I-   . 15 .
Marinette  - 6  54  24.3 24.0 1.43 1.68 -10.20
Escanaba  - 3  50  25.0 22.4 0.89 1.75 - 2.33
Minneapolis- 4  54  20.4' 19.6 0.9  0.98- 2.52
EauClaire..  3  53  21.3 19.2 1.01 1.17  3.26
La Crosse  10  57  24.6 22.3 1.20 1.33- 8.23
Hancock-   18  SS  22.4 20.0 0.89 1.20 -5.49
Oshkosh   - 6  58  25.4 22.8 1.08 1.22- 7.14
Green Bay - 9  57  23.6 22.3 1.17 1.71 -- 5.61
Manitowoc   I Si   27.7 25.1 1.20 1.71 -11.02
Dubuque.  - 1 62   28.0 24.7 1.41 1.44 - 1.39
Madison  -  2  S9  26.2 22.8 1.80 1.63  2.12
Beloit -  - 2  60  29.3 24.9 2.15 1.54 - 5.77
Milwaukee   I 60   28.6 24.7 2.27 1.72 -5.36
Average for  .   .    .        .
18 Stations -7.2 53.8 23.1 21.0 1.24 1.37 - 4.10
'Average for 17 stations.
stocks were smaller for both the state
and the nation. Holdings of soybeans
on farms nationally were lower than
a year ago, but they were up a little
in Wisconsin. Hay stocks are larger
than a year ago. Farm holdings of
barley are lower both in this state
and nationally, while holdings of rye
are up a little in Wisconsin but down
greatly for the nation as a whole.
Milk Production
Dairy herds in Wisconsin produced
1,037 million pounds of milk during
December, which was a new record
for the month. The production was 47
million pounds greater than it was in
December 1948 and 147 million pounds
over the 1938-47 average for the
month. A new record in milk produc-
tion was also set for the United
States in December, the total being
8,550 million pounds. Last year milk
production for the entire country in
December was 8,215 million pounds
and the 10-year average (1938-47)
was 8,174 million pounds.
Egg Production
December was another good month
for egg production in Wisconsin and
the United States. Wisconsin layers
averaged 13.33 eggs per layer during
December, while layers for the nation
as a whole averaged 11.30 eggs. Wis-
consin production in December was 11
percent higher than the same month
a year ago, and United States pro-
duction was 12 percent higher than

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