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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 21],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.2 MB)

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             Build Wisconsin
                           Patch Work on Hillsides
       T1EI STlEPER hillsides aro a varicgated picture of open, grassy
"shcep-path" terraced slopes - dvttod with crCCping juniper and
clumps of
flaming sumach - or of donso forest rrcj.h of oak, walnut, basswood, and
poplar, with here and thero  a clariz cvcrygroun tGo itand out against tthe
colors; or of soft sandstone cliffs ehisoled by the wind and molded by the
rain into fantastic Castellatod forrm, and crowned with lichcn-covorod gray
       The gcntly:rolling upland, the gentler slopes and the valley bottoms
make rich agricultural fields and farm pastures.   A view down ono of theso
prosperous vallcys, dotted %-ith woll-kopt homes, nestling in the shelter
the spurs from the main ridges, or cut in the open surrounded by majestic
groups of ol.s or maples with herds of full-udd rcd dairy cattle dotting
hillsides or standing leisurely in the ecoling strvaims, is onc to conjure
thought of restful easo and make; onc wish to live in such sceones "far
thu madding crowrd".  Those familiar with the' famed Berkshire Hills
of Massa-
chusetts tell us that the scenery in tho "wesburn upland" of Wisconsin
is more
                          Vaster than Rhino Vallcy
      A  LONG the westcrn bo-ndary of the "",7isconsin Borkshircs"
is the great
gorge of the Mirsissip-pi, one of the most magnificent scenic panoramas to
founi betwvc., th'e Allcghsnics and the Rockios. The dolomite-cappod sandstone
vwalls rise steoply from the fleod plain to a height of five hundred feet
more.  Som(times they are in the form of shoer preci-,icOs, at others the
isolated bluffs stand like giant sentinels guarding the Father of 11aters.
       The wholc Gorge simulates, although on a vaster scale, the scenery
of the Rhino valley, oven to the little villages clinging to the base of
overshadowing blufLs.  Giant ruinod castles with turrets and towers and
bastions and battlomunts and all the othcr dotails that mark a medieval for-
tress arL there, carvcd by age long erosion frvm tho rocks of the hill tops.
                             Poaks Cut the Skyline
       E nST of this wcctorn upland lies the great central plain which
occupies a portion of seven counties. This plain is characterized by flat
or very slightly rolling land, with sandy and sandy-loam soils, with numerous
broad marshes and sluggish streams.
       The outstanding features of the central plain are the abrupt walled,
stone castles, such as are soen about Camp Douglas and farther east bearing
such names as Petenwoll Peak or Rocho A Cris - the last remnants of the great
sandstone formations that oneo covered this great area and still form tho
main mass of the uplands to the west.

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