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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 20],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.2 MB)

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Stronger      B"                        i cn   i
Business Build   Wisconsin
      Volume 3                fly Wil 1925                  Number 20
        "The Little Partner         the Badger Country Wfeekly"
                           Badger History to be
                               Run in Serial Form
=     |     TJILD IIISCONSIN is trying its first serial story.
        It commences in this number.
i   no  me  And it is limited to Wisconsin editors.
            The cost - It's free.
        l  To acquaint Badger folks with their fine state, from a geologi-
        .  f   cal, historical and industrial standpoint, BUILD KTISCONSIN
            obtained the rights Lo publish a history of the state that was
prepared by two of Vfisconsin's sons, W. 0. Hot~hkiss and F. A. Cannon.
Though prepared originally for a national publication, this work has never
been in print.
      Written in a most interesting style, the entire history is fascinating.
Its simplicity and beauty of expression will be welcomed by the readers of
,'isconsin's weekly newspapers.
      How the glaciers crept ovor the state and formed the lakes and the
moundu v.┬▒LL appeal t0o the high school boy or gir  whno is
geology or geography.  Owned originally by the Indians and then the French
and the Enzlish and finallv a Dart of the United States. the historial de-
velop, ont of the state will attract the history student. The industrial
position of Xlisconsin and the part she played in the late war will be
matters of pride to every true Badger.
      Splendid as -'7isconsin is, Badger people must first learn of its great-
ness before they are pFepared to tell visitors about it.    While the editor
is wiving a history of his state to its people, he is also helping to ad-
vance the cause of a greater '!isconsin. Divided into 12 installments, this
history will appear weekly in BUILD W!ISCONSIN.
          ...-fla,      .S...          .          _ __a  _
               Thig ,heet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
issued by the Departnwnt of Agricultural journalism of the Wisconsfii Colleg4y
of A*rriculture
                in co-operation with the Wisconsin Press % ssociation.
   He~~~~~~~~~~-A -;.. f a 4. n_ ,. w. x v  -

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