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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 19],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (841.7 KB)

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              Buld                 W isconsin
                            Ears Say Something
     The county program which Editor Sing mentions, appears in small typo
as an "ear" on the u.,ppr left of the first page.    Besides that,
on this first
page there are two columns of news on the closing of the rural schools of
county, a picture and story of the champion spellers, and a note to tho
teachers thanking them for their support.
     Page three has a boys and girls club story with a picture of the
"Men and Women of Tomorrow"
                           Goes into Rural Homes
     Page 6 has 1j columns of news "Among the Farmers", of which
two are typical:--
                 "John Y'. Schlotzhauer & Sons, Billingsville, sold
            to Schuster & Bro%:nfield, last week, forty head of 1190-
            lb. cattle, for which they received $9.50 per cwt.
            These cattle were purchased of Dr. VIJ. H. Elliott, of
            Bunceton, last Nove-mber at $5.50 per cwt., and at the
            time weighed 900 lbs. The lot was fed on silage, clover
            hay, and meal."
                 "A. G. VWolfe, manager of the Pleasant Green Farmers'
            Shipping Association, shipped a carload of hogs to
            St. Louis market Monday. Those contributing to the load
            were: F. C. Read, eight head averaging 264 lbs; J. l'.
            Walker, ten, 261; John Stephens, one, 360; J. W. Mayfield,
            eighteen, 202; Virgil Quint, five, 183; Will Quint, five,
            179; John Freiss, twenty-six, 274; F. A. Schupp, one,
            355; John Kemp, one, 400."
                            Strong Ad Department
     At the top of the want ad column is this announcement:--
                   "'VANT ADS PAY - and cost little.   Ton
                   cents per line for first week and five
                   cents per line for each week thereafter.
                   Count six words to the line."
      In the other issue there was a column of
                              LIVE STOCK ITEIAS
                                GENERAL FARM NEVIS
on the front page. Items about a school teacher who took her grain judging

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