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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 19],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (841.7 KB)

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Build Bu id                     Wisconsin
     Volume 3                                             Number 19
                             May 18, 1925
        "The Little Partner of the Badger Country Weekly"
                         FARM PROGRAM OF MISSOURI
                            WEEKLY ATTRACTS ATTENTION
            0 WELL is its farm news planned and handled that The Boonville
  ____     Advertiser, Coopcr county, Missouri, has stepped into the lime-
            litht as an out standing weekly newspaper.  Recently it won
          A editorial comment in a national farm magazine for its adoption
            and support of a county program.
     DeWitt C. Wing, editor of Breeder's Gazette and a widely known author-
ity on what is right in farm news, says of this "Country cousin":
     "The Boonville Advertiser, published at Boonville, Missouri, is
of the best weeklies in the United States, not only because it is full of
well-written local news of interest to its urban and farm readers, but
because it is energetically advocating in its county (Cooper) a construc-
tive agricultural program. Its farm-reared and well-trained editor
Edgar C. Nelson, in the current issue, phrases his 'county program' as
follows: 'Better breeds and better seeds; more and better dairy cowss; more
boys' and girls' school clubs; increased clover and alfalfa acrcage; more
socials in the country, with town people assisting. "' All of which
is all
right, as a beginning. It proves that a country newspaper editor, with
energy, enthusiasm and a vision worthy of a first-class community, may, if
he will, devote himself to a cause of high social value.
     "Mr. Nelson gruw up in the county wherein he is doing his congenial,
useful work, and expressing himself. The 'call' for the best that was in
him did not come from a distant field: it was voiced by his own community,
in which he is an inspiring, directive force. His newspaper, in its 80th
year, is 'younger' than it has ever boon before, and is deservedly pros-
perous, despite the fact that it has formidable competitors for patronage."
      The editor of Build Wisconsin was interested in seeing the paper and
wrote for a couple copies. We wish that we might produce some of the agri-
cultural features in the issues which Editor Nelson sent us, but confine
our approval chiefly to description.
                 This sleet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
 Issued by the Department of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                  in co-operation with the Wisconsin Press Association.

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