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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 18],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 4

Page 4
F1=77AT cow testing association work in Kowaunce county can be developed
      fa- beyeond its prosent condition was emphasized in the last issue
Mc;' Dairy .Wqsciatao-s        'TI-' L'J:Y EAI;URG 1Y.WS.  Sinco milk products
Nec.ded i1L Kce'irrrnmc, 'oir--v  tho bigjest scurce of income to the county
   iaru.;ei, ,-NL, N.3 £.;ouJ.s that three or four more associations
should be
   organized in thc scctlor, lheerc once is ncw 'unctioning.  To make an
   prues-i)n In c       Ca V  .7  h'._ minds, Ediuor Earl A. Balza used one
   and ono-thiru cohlimn  cf his fiont page for this story, and he set it
   with a louble col. Piad
      Then to give balance to the front page the Luxemburg editor took all
   of the right hand. column to tell of the cor.ilnK mi.eting of the Town
   County Club. A double column head was also used to set off this timely
   piece of rural news.
7 WiIZEN sending in his subscription to THE CHILTON TIbIES, a Seattle, VWJash-
      ~initor._su^-.criber wrote Flitor T. A, Hure tha.t 'he further he got
Former Wisconsin Man      the Badger state the better he liked his old
La dsuBadger Farmirg       commonwecalth. And in forming   he has noticed,
   Wisconsin does not suffer by comparison with the states of the Pacific
   -coast. The western letter advises Calumet county folks to stick close
   to Wisconsin if they continue to farm for, he sas, "conditions are
   different in Washington that one would have to learn to farm all over
 7v XTH the addition of THE SPENCER RECORD to his string of weekly news-
 -  __apers, E. C. Clark now owns five Badger weeklies.    The other four
 Clark Adds Another Paper      papers are located at Milan, Curtiss, Withee,
 To Quartette of Weeklies      and Abbotsford.
      In turning over TIE RECORD to its new owner. Editor James W. LeBell
   said he has found many ups andodowns in newspaper work but he has had
   pleasure of working with real enthusiastic people in Spencer.
      THE RECORD is in its thirteenth year. LeBell will serve as editor
   for Mr. Clark
    "The farmer's situation in the market as seller
or buyer is disheartening and undoing but there are
deeper sources of his troubles and weaknesses that
can be cured only as he and his family get full
fellowship in creative endeavor, furnished through
the development of rural community relations and in-
stitutions that will give the richest twentieth cen-
tury tone to their lives."

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