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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 18],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

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              Build Wisconsin
about local movements.  It will boast in two-column heads that the railroad
coming to town, and it will tell, with a dignified onc-column head, how the
town's leading citizen has passed to his reward.
                          Boxes Add Attractivoness
       L, BETIWEEN it will carry one-column boxes telling how the paper it-
self has put across a lot of new subscribers; of how well its ads are drawing;
and how many people were attracted to the town's last big Dollar Day sale.
Boxes are groat things and cost but little extra effort to set.
      Many county editors feel that their home folks have grown used to in-
significant headlines; that they look on larger heads as though their editors
were gutting a little too metropolitan for their tastes. When country people
cease the erection of monuments in their cemeteries we will agree that large
heads are in bad taste in a conservative weekly.
                        Easterners More Conservative
     QUITE a few of the conservative weeklies in central New York state
have abandoned the habit of half-a-century of small 8-point headings and
to good one-column heads. Those who know the type of readers who take such
papers will realize that the editors who made that change were men of con-
siderable firmness.
      The reading public west of the Great Lakes are much easier to trifle
with. They are still so close to the carly pioneers that they stand for
changes much more willingly than those of the original thirteen states.
      And editor who asks me if I think he ought to brave public sentiment
changing to larger heads will get but one reply. That reply is to go ahead
and make the change. There is one note of warning. Don't emulate the make-
up of city afternoon papers.  I have made up too many front pages of city
afternoons not to understand that they are not the carefully thought-out
duct of the human mind but the rabid hunt for sensations to be spread before
the purchaser from news stands.
                             Squeeze Them to Fit
      i S IT easy to write heads? That depends on the man. But any man can
construct a decent, respectable head after a few days' monkeying with the
      When I got my first desk job, which entailed writing heads, all I
asked of my superior was the number of letters that went into the different
styles of heads. "Shucks" said he (only he didn't say shucks),
"I don't knew.
Just write'em by instinct and squeeze them down to the proper size".
That is
all the instruction I over got and that is all anybody really needs to know.
      Ta'ke this present convention. Would you build a head that says in
beautiful swinging English

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