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Build Wisconsin

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I.4                                         1
                Build Wisconsin
     Vie, of course, test out thoso problems in as nearly a scientific way
as we know how. We have found that the better service we give in our local
correspondence in any community, the more subscribers vie gain and maintain
-nd keep on our list in such a locality.
                            Charges $2.00 per Year
      These are the main features of our plan.   Of course, publishers who
have attempted to maintain an absolutely spot-cash advance payment of sub-
scription without any first of the month business or anything of that kind,
will agree they want the paper or they wouldn't pay the money, the $2.00
year. However, too few editors are following this business practice.
      In order not to go beyond unreasonable space, we set each contribution
solid except the county correspondence, which is general county correspondence.
All of the towns in the county are well represented, and we sot this material
seven point.
     We don't use any heads larger than ten point, single line ten point.
That is the largest head that gets into our paper, although we use hundreds
of heads when they are needed and they all tell something. They are full
action and help put the story across.
      Back of a successful correspondence system must be careful editing.
Elaboration is essential as is the ability to sense the news value and put
it in the lead. This, of course, applies to all typos of news material.
      The editor must remember that country correspondence is also a town
service. In fact, all of his readers want it.
                           LEAVES REEDSBURG TIMES
                             NOW EDITING WAUSAU PILOT
A NYHc'7, Wisconsin didn't lose him.
      Bert Walters, late editor of THE REEDSBURG TIMES and formerly head
TIE MOSINEE TIMES, has gone to Wausau where he is now editing THE WAUSAU
One of Wisconsin's most progressive editors is Mr. Walters. Both of the
Badger weeklies with which he was formerly associated have been strong enter-
prising journals and they have built up a strong clientele in their communi-
      In behalf of the Badger publishers, BUILD WISCONSIN wishes Mr. Walters
great success in this Marathon county town.

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