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Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 15],   pp. [1]-5 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 4

Page 4
The place where it comes to expression is the editorial column.    I love
to read
editorials: they have all the prestige of mystery, an air of confidence,
so many of them speak with the finality of the omniscient.
      And then, from the standpoint of breadth, what place is given to the
tural values of life? When we pick up our paper dr.y by day do we find much
attention paid to the thing. th'It really count in life in the long?   Note
whether the paper says mu;h Jab-xt art--by art I i~a~i architucture, the
painting, sculpture, city p.nnir., the better    crO.!,s iacvnmuVnt- -a1l
of the thingsi
that go to make our environn,;nt the kind of a ula:o i- ought to be; for
a man's
life is inevitably influenced by the beauty of the Zt'rroundings in which
works, in spite of the condition of some of our offices,
                         Education Deserves Much Space
',W-VHAT place, if you please, is given to education? How much, day by day,
is done to make the people vucdcrstand the importance of education for citizen-
ship and democracy; to make thu citizens see how important research work
for all progress? Or again or the cultural side, what a magnificent part
papers have to play in giving -he proper place to the whole field of religion.
      Now about the relationship of the paper that one likes to read to the
whole world situation?  Natiojia.'ism is a fine thing, but nationalism has
a recrudescence that has beu.o infinitely worse than anything we had before
Feelings about it do not need to be stimulated very much, but the problem
civilization today is the rc'.LtLonship of nations. Every time we say anything
unkind about a fore3.inor it - - quotad back hom3 and helps to foster the
judice and misunderftarding 'hat exists between nations today.   It is our
to recognize that justl nations are differcnt from us does not mean
they are wrong.  The paper I 1iizo is one that seems to widen the horizons
helps me to understand that -,ho American is an  r.o;1oican, and that America
has some responsibilities for the world as a vihclo.
                         Rights Imply Responsibilities
   TJHERE isn't anything so find under free government as unlimited publicity;
it is the life-blood of free government. We must have it.    But here is
tremendously potent thing that is infinitely important and infinitely precious,
and carries with it its corresponding responsibilities.   Nothing for one
stand must be permitted which would interfere with the freedom of the press,
Lut here again, as ovorywhere, we must understand that there are responsibilities
that are measured only by the rich gift of freedom.
      The paper I like to road seems to give day by day some evidence that
not only prides itself on its freedom, but accepts its responsibilities for
good taste of the community.   I do not think that I am just a more Puritan
being profoundly interested in the moral standards of thousands of growing
young-men and women, I regret that so often the newspapers of America must
sort to the sex appeal in order to think they are saying something funny.
                              Editors Are Leaders
 MEXJSPAPERS are responsible for the good taste of the community also, in
all of the thing that relate to beauty and nicety of fouling and delicacy
discrimination and kindness of approach to the problems of thought. Now think

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