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Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 15],   pp. [1]-5 PDF (1.7 MB)

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Page 3
      Those are accurate figures.
      Eight of the leading New York nowspapers--what did they do? They printed
seventy columns about the fight and four and one-third columns about education.
      Seven Chicago papers printed sixty-four colur.mns about the fight and
and thrce-quartors inches or about ono-twolfth of one column about education.
                   The things that really count in life or tho
              things that mean tho most to the corz.unity should
              always receive a good amount of attuntikn in any
              newspaper. Sometimos, we forget this and give too
              much weight to the trivial and the non-essential.
              The late Prcsident Marion L. Burton, tells how
              this is often overdue in the daily newspaper field.
                   If Dr. Burton had been speaking of weekly
              papers instead of dailies, he would, no doubt,
              cared most for the weekly that gave a good share
              of its columns to the big things of the community,
              the industries that furnished a livelihood to the
              most people. No doubt, ho would have likened the
              big mainstays of the community to the educational
              meeting hold in San Francisco at the time of the
              Shelby fiasco,
                   Wo believe that he would have regarded
              agriculture in its various aspects as being the
              thing that should receive lot of attention in
              the columns of the local weekly neovspapor.
      Four Washington papers printed nineteen and ono-quarter columns about
fightand two-fifths of one column about education.
      Four Philadelphia papers printed twenty-three and one-third columns
the fight and absolutely nothing about the educational convention.
      Nine southern papers printed 140 columns about the light and nothing
education. I don't mean to say they are wrong; I merely call attention to
fact.  I wonder if this is the correct emphasis so far as the news of the
as a whole is concerned?
                            Want Sweep of Vision
  AJHE newspaper I like to read has a certain breadth of view and sweep of
vision. The test is this: Read your own paper every day for a month or six
months or a year--and then turn abruptly to some paper that has a national
putation. Are your interests purely local or wide enough to take in the affairs
of the world or at least our own nation: I wonder how you find your own paper
I wonder if it has breadth as well as all of that which appeals to local
ties, as it should have?

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