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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 14],   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.9 MB)

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Soon it wpas as vasy to get a quarter-pago advertisement as it had boon to
a ten-inch one bofore".   Judgo fcr yourself wlhother Mr. Ourfman knew
his busi-
     The last strawi an editor will draw regarding this ever-present problem
of newspaper makeup is "I haven't the time."   It is true the editor
will have
to "work like the devil" getting out letters, talking up the points
that he
knows will sell his idea to the advertisers, but What of it? A better medium,
resulting from pyramiding, will only be a ftepping stone to more improvement,
and in time rewards will come from the better service to all involved. Forget
slow returns at the start.   It will not be long before you will be another
pioneer in newspapordom, contributing to that inevitable future type of Ameri-
can community newspaper which will be a credit to this modern civilization
new and better creations.
                                     - 30 -
                             LEADER AND ADVOCATE
                             GO BEFORE THE JUDGES
     Badger newspapers continue to improve.
     Complimentary mention of two Wisconsin weeklies appears in the current
issue of THE INLAID PIINMTR.   On the January 22 issue of THE WAUPUN LEADER
the-typographic critic of that widely read printers journal gives a rating
of excellent, and adds this comient for good measure, "the best featuro
ing the interesting and well ordered arrangement of the first page.    Presswork
is also mighty good." Then follows this volley for pyramid arrangement
of ad-
vertising.  "An immediate and great improvement would result in the
of the paper, however, if you would pyramid the advertisements - that is,
group them in the lower right hand corner of the page."
     Similarly the January 9 issue of THE DOOR COUNTY ADVOCATE is rated
"rnighty fine".  The Sturgeon Bay editors are also commended upon
"the pattern
of the heads, considering the necessity of placing the two-column head in
columns four and five." The only thing upon which they wore critcisod
that "there is quite generally too little space botwoon the lines of
     Upon turing to the editorial page the critic expresses his pleasure
saying "dandy" in true Rlooscvcltian style. Tho Advocate makers
were also com-
plimented "on the very satisfactory manner in which the advertisements
placed throughout the paper, being pyramided on most pages, while on others
there are not so many advertisements as to make the pyramid absolutely required.
Printing is excellent, and the advortisements are well arranged and displayed.
One thing you can do at ary time is use plain rulcs for borders; they are
better than any decorative unit borders than you can possibly find."
     So it will be noted that pyramiding of advertisements is advocated for
both of these weeklies. This important subject is treated in the first story
in this issue of BUILD W':ISCONSIN.

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