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The Bugler

School calendar,   pp. 33-38

Page 34

11. Maude unconsciously gives away her secrets. She talks, in her sleep and
dently "Bill" figures quite conspicuously in her disclosures. 
12. Students attend an interesting Y. M. C. A. lecture. 
13. Students attend a number of the Lyceum Course. 
16. The girls after due consideration give a party. The boys of the school
Invited to 
18. The girls are treated with a free lecture. The nature of the talk can
only be 
guessed at. 
19. Agriculture class meets with the Wolf River Cow Testing Association.
interesting questions are considered and great deal of information concerning
"Balanced Rations" is gained. 
23. Another party is enjoyed by the students. 
26. Mail box for annual contributions appears. 
27. Students see "Brush the Magician." 
28. Every one home for Thanksgiving vacation. 
5. Mr. L. Albert Karel, president of the School Board, speaks to the school.
6. Boys' basketball suits arrive. Hurry! 
7. Debate: Resolved, that prohibition should be universally established.
First girls' 
basketball game is played. 
11. Agriculture class take a walk to the Knipfer farm for the purpose of
horses. Notes are taken to form the basis of tomorrow's recitation. 
14. Basketball games. 
15. Lawrence Collins goes to Sturgeon Bay as advance man for the Cantata.
18. "Santa Claus at Miss Prims" given at Majestic for the benefit
of the Red Cross. 
The regular clas period is spent in careful study and comparison of two cows.
Some interesting things are pointed out and the class feels that such lessons
are cer- 
tainly worth while. Mr. Goff, as critic, judges the cows. 
19. "Santa Claus at Miss Prims" is given at Sturgeon Bay. School
is dismissed for 
Christmas vacation. 
2. Work begins. Everybody happy. We all sign the Loyalty Pledge. 
3. Brand new red blouses appear on the scene. 
4. Report on Cantata is given. 
5. Oh my! Saturday and school into the bargain. 
7. Louis Willems returns and narrates to groups of interested listeners,
things he 
saw in Chicago. 
8. Miss Maynard Downes and Miss Nellie Van Kooy of the State Anti-Tuberculosis
Association give an interesting demonstration. Superintendent Madden addres-
ses the school. 
10. "Oxy" has bad cold and uses his handkerchief a la Van Kooy
for the edification 
of the English III Class. 
11. 0. U. Emma! Ask "Oxy." 
15-16. Supervising Teacher Koss gives a talk on "Heating and Ventilating."
18. Mrs. Carl Lidral gives an interesting talk on "My Trip to Waco."
21. Basketball team has "cold on the brain." 
22. Senior class consider the picture question. Lawrence and Emil go home
to recup- 
23. 0 you Frances! Surprised? No! Whose birthday was it? 
25. Delphian Society gives a program. 
28. Work on debate begins. 
1-2. Teachers' Institute. 
7-8. Basketball game at Kewaunee-the boys meet their Waterloo. 
12. Model department Is moved to a different room. 
13. Practice-teaching begins. 
15. Snowbound. 
21. Basketball game at Sturgeon Bay. 
22. Basketball game with Kewaunee. 
23-25. Last vacation of the year. 

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