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The Bugler

Seniors,   pp. 10-16

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FLORA WIZNER                   (FLA) 
Algoma High School 1913; Northern 
State Normal, Michigan; One year course 
D. K. T. S.; Progressive Society; Glee 
Club; Annual Staff. 
Motto: Don't cross the bridge before 
you, until the bridge is reAched. 
"The world is so full of a number of 
I'm sure we should all be as happy as 
President     .      .     .      .     .     .      .     Frank Fellows
Vice-president                        -            -     Josephine Shillin
Secretary-Treasurer              -       -       -            ohn Shaw 
Class Colors: Red, White. and Blue. 
Class Motto: "Over the Top." 
Class Flower: Russell Rose. 
After some weeks of very conscientious work, the Bugler staff presents to
public its completed ANNUAL. It is not at all a pretentious volume but a
example of the general scope of work done at this institution. We believe
all of 
our efforts would undoubtedly have been in vain, without the splendid support
given us by what we feel sure is that most generous, appreciative School
in the state of Wisconsin. We have tried to make our ANNUAL worthy of the
confidence they placed in us. We thank them heartily for their help. 
The men who so willingly gave financial support by advertising their wares
the pages of our ANNUAL, will kindly accept our thanks for that help. 
We wish to thank also: Members of the faculty; members of the Alumni and
others who have contributed material for the ANNUAL; the subscribers and
others who in any way have helped make this, our first D. K. T. S. Students'
ANNUAL a success. 

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