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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 6

Letter  10, page 6, translation
New Jersey, O how happy Father was about this, and desirous that he might
yet be an eye- 1
ear-witness of this, but that has not pleased the Lord, but     2
this he was privileged to see  offspring of his offspring, but what is more
that the  3
prayers offered for us in secret and in public have been heard,     4
for so far as I may believe we are all treading the way he has trodden, 
we do ocasionally think over our lot here that we four who are still living
should be enjoying this privilege of having been bought and freed with Jesus's
blood,  7
but with the Lord this is to be sure not wonderful, and he certainly wishes
to reveal the  8
of his free grace in redeeming sinners, the depreaved heart does indeed 
at times well up, so that Amalek prevails, just as the Apostle Paul himself
laments Rom. 7  but then there is however sorrow and prayer from the heart
for forgiveness, I have not written this to plume myself with it, I hope
the   12
Lord may guard us against this, that about what the Lord Jesus bought at
such cost  13
we should be proud, but Oh may it serve to stir some of you to      14
jealousy, and should we see each other no more this side of the     15
grave then may it be on the other side,        16
As for financial conditions here in general that is not so good as    17
a few years ago, wages are lower, and trade as well in lands     18
as in products is not so flourishing, nore are provisions as cheap    19
as when we came here, crops this year up to the present are in general  
quite fine, it was unusually dry this spring, so that people who    21
had lived here thirty years had not known it so, in the beginning when we
first came here 22
Father bought a hundred acres of land, but had sold it all     23
except 31 acres which are still partly encumbered, but next summer when James
comes home we shall probably sell it, land is priced higher here than in
Town Holland [Sheboygan County] but we will/nevertheless lose some on it
at that, because 26
          it is less
valuable than a few years ago, mother also has twenty acres which she had
when she married Father on which she thinks she will go to live,  she has
no children,  28
she is a strong healthy woman used to working in the field, now we have 
a request to make of you, ot make inquiry if it is possible about Mother's
relatives  30
who of them is still alive, whether Uncle Jan of Dortrecht is still    31
living, we have learned that Unlce William lives in the land of Hulst, and
Aunt Mie's  32
husband of Ellewoudskijk has died, inquire about it sometime if you can,
and write about 33
then, now we hope that you will not allow this letter to go unanswered but
will reply to it soon, even though Father is no longer living, realize that
his   35
blood flows in our veins, O Aunt Martina if you are still alive, you certainly
have not forgotten us, methinks it still comes vividly to my mind how you
clung weeping  37
          to his neck
that last day, herewith I now close and hope also to receive one from you
soon   38
*Printed on side of page*
Cordial greetings from us all, Mother also though unknown to you greets you,
Janet and her husband, Isaac and James, greet all nephews and nieces, we
sign ourselves you loving blood relatives
         and I your loved Niece Catharine J Brandt

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