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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 5

Letter  10, page 5, translation
Many blessings I have the privilege of enjoying and what the Lord Jesus suffered,
and that 1
         innocent, Oh then
I have nothing to say, I have as yet lacked nothing and our allotted portion
of bread has 2
yet been granted us, mother too is very good to me  I enjoy much friendship
from her and  3
          she has
much patience with me, at times too my desire has been that I might be released
 some-  4
times indeed to be quit of my troubles, but sometimes also from a desire
to be with the Lord, 5
since I might in faith take for granted that the Lord was charging me to
his account, my 6
          guilt and
sin were forgiven me, and since I had learned to know myself as a poor unworthy
sinner,  7
          although it
is accompanied with continual conflict and continual fear, that I have not
surrendered fully 8
          to the Lord,
yet with a continual adherence and a continual desire to be the possession
of the Lord  9
In my former letter I told you that Janet and Isaac are both married, the
former in May  10
55, and Isaac in March 59,  Janet/has had three children, the first died
when seven months 11
old, now she still has two  one Gerard who will be three in September, and
one Susan-  12
na who will be a year in July  both dear children, that little boy Father
made a lot of and 13
he of him, they have a fairly good living, they have two cows and a piece
of   14
land, which they have bought from Father, her husband's name is Jacob de
Swarte  a native 15
of kadzand, 5 years older than she is, Janet too is weak but still she can
most   16
always do her work, her husband and children are fairly well, Isaac lives
in Michigan and works in/a sawmill  he has already lived there four years,
he has a   18
a wife from Northholland, her name is Trijntje Wagenaar, they have one child
Cornelia  19
by name, but he thinks nevertheless of becoming a farmer too later on, he
and James had  20
bought those forty acres of Father when we moved here, which is now their
possession  21
they rented it when they were in Michigan and are doing that now still, 
but this winter James sold his 20 to Isaac for 350 dollars, so it is then
his [Isaac's] intention after he has earned more to settle there, it is good
land  24
better than we have here  27 acres of it is being cultivated and the rest
is timber still, 25
and his wife and child are also enjoying good health, his wife we have  
never seen yet, James too used to work in the sawmills until last    27
fall in October, at that time he entered the High school [Academy] at which
he still is  28
that is in the city of Holland Michigan, he is there to be educated for the
ministry,  29
for which he has had a desire for a long time already, but frequently   
with the fear that he himself did not possess what he wished to present to
others  31
[he] thought that if the Lord wished to use him in his service He himself
would open the way, 32
it is then his constant desire to be engaged in the Lord's service, yes,
even   33
should it be among the heathen, he has unusual/gifts which we cannot help
being jealous of, 34
and the spirit that has been in him since he was still a child is    35
not yet extinguished, that is eager to inquire, if he pursues the entire
course   36
to learn English latin greek Hebrew and what more besides I don't know then
he must  37
be there 5 years where he is now and 5 years at another Highschool [College]
in   38

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