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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 4

Letter   10, page 4, translation
 O what a privilege it would be for our dear Grandmother     1
to be able to say Behold here me and the children Thou hast given me, Oh
do seek  2
after it, one may have satisfaction here of course in the words, but O when
death comes  3
we can take nothing with us and then as a naked soul to appear before the
great judge  4
can bring eternal misery, O how Father too did       5
long at times to hear this some time from you, Uncle Adrian wrote    6
in his letter that you no longer had a brother now to pray for you, but even
though  7
you were far away he made you now and then the object of his prayer/at the
throne of grace, 8
feeling the burden of your souls, Oh it is occassionally my prayer too that
through God's grace 9
           you may
be made seekers while there yet is time to find, Oh when once one may experience
the sweetness, joy, and refreshing there is in the service of the Lord  
then one is constantly desirous of it, Oh it si certainly a sweet service
that gives afterwards an Eternal Peace, since the service of sin brings naught
but Eternal 13
sorrow, but possibly some of you have learned to pray the prayer of the publican,
O blessed and happy is he then who for Jesus' sake has found grace in God's
sight, that this may not offend you is then my wish  for it is being done
in love  16
What else now concerns our situation I wrote you in my last that Father 
married again in 57 with a widow who was living here, a native of Gelderland
seventeen years younger than he, with whom I am now living still, until when
I do not know, possibly until fall when I think I shall go to live with Janet,
my condition is desperate, as I told you above I       21
became ill in the year 56 from nervous attacks and frequent distresses, the
two first  22
years I spent for the most part in bed, and frequetnly had to be carried
to and from bed, 23
I have had as many as four doctors and have wasted much money but made little
progress,  24
the first time I had these attacks was on accasion when three people died
so suddenly  25
of the cholera, and from that time this became continually worse, but still
I was always able 26
to do my work until the time I told you of, even when I had taken bad colds,
For the present 27
I am using no medicines and am still very sickly, and did not mend either
after Father's 28
         death, there is
not a day that I am free from nervous spasms and convulsions, sometimes I
am of couse dis- 29
All I can do is stay at home when it is summer I can ocassionally go to Janet's,
but no far- 30
          ther, she
doesn't even live as far from us as we did from the little orchard at Kapelle,
also I must 31
        still spend a part of the day
in bed, what is yet to become of me I have no idea, at times however I have
a lively faith 32
that the Lord will in his own time give deliverance, when I see what I am
by nature and how 33
*Printed on side of page*
Our greetings to Aunt Willemina too  we have heard that she is again a widow

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