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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 3

Letter   10, page 3, translation
that this could be ours, but still she was not easy  then there and    1
named the horse by name and when it turned its head she saw that it was ours,
then went  2
a bit farther and saw there our dear Father lying in the middle of the road
partly  3
frozen too,  O my Dear what a circumstance, this you can somewhat comprehend
but yet  4
not exactly as it was, left home sound and well and carried in dead,  Oh
how I    5
was affected I cannot express to you, sick as I was I ran from my bed in
a skirt  6
when my Father was being carried into the house, and looked my dear Father
who   7
had in this my condition in which I had lingered four years carried me to
and from  8
bed hundreds of times was dead, Oh what a circumstance, cry I could not,
everybody was  9
amazed at me, less than fifteen minuts after he was in the house I sat down
and   10
wrote a letter to James, alas what I must do without  with my Father gone
you can-  11
not comprehend, no one has lost so much as I, Oh how my heart bled, and so
many tears  12
as I shed in my loneliness, for I am an object of misery and cannot do without
the help  13
of others,  but at times I can surrender it all to the Lord and say He  
who has provided for me so long will still provide for me  but for me it
is   15
nevertheless a hard matter and a time of testing, for it is by brothers and
a sister that 16
          I have to be
supported now, sometimes I say if I had to crawl on my bare knees and so
get my father back I would gladly do it,  but the Lord who according to his
decreeing  18
will carries everything into effect renders no account of his deeds,    19
but a great comfort and a pleasant recollection remains for us nevertheless,
For to his God and the Lord Jesus rich in love who is the only way to salvation
he always kept clinging, howbeit with frequetn lamenting over his sins yet
carrying on a continual struggle against sin and having as his sole desire
to be   23
the Lord's, O happy enternce into that land of Eternal rest where all   
trouble and pain ceases, and to have the privilege of meeting, (as we may
believe) those 25
preceded him, as her whose womb bore him, and his eldest brother, and   
her who carried us, he has now been freed from all trouble and is now serving
his God  27
in perfect joy, For to him were confirmed the words we read in John 16  
verse 33, last portion, which once came with marked force to his mind when
we were still 29
living in kapelle, yes to the very last of his life even for in me he had
to witness  30
          many troubles,
but noe it has ceased, Oh that you might continually      31
betake yourelves into his presence, and that with a desire to arrive there
too   32
*Printed on side, continued at bottom*
father had been frightfully maimed, his skull behind his left ear was split
open more than a finger's length, and fully
so wide that one could lay a finger in it, his left ear cut through the middle,
his nose between the eys partly beaten in,and a
               blue spot
On his forehead, and his nose full of clotted blood, and his right arm out
of joint, I
       certainly examined him 3 or 4 times
for it was you
see my dear father

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