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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Touwn [sic] Holland November the 29th 1852 [Translation],   pp. 1-2 PDF (528.1 KB)

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Letter 5, page 1, translation
     Touwn Holland November the 29th 1852
           Dear children
1  We did not strike it on our way back as regards
2  the weather  lucky we did not need to walk  on Monday
3  at noon we rode off and I got home Wednesday noon
4  my legs pained me a great deal so that last week I
5  did not walk far any more  now to day I have been to the falls
6  according to my provise and spoke with that tailor
7  about your work  he said that he had work for you right away if
8  you come  provided you work well  but if it had be be such
9  as he had an instance of only last [week] in the case of a woman who
10 had made a vest and put the collar on wrong and such
11 he cannot employ  but he is anxious to have help for he
12 says that there is a sort of competition between him and another
13 and that in six months he had won around twenty clients
14 from the other [tailor]  he does not work for himself
15 but for a store and is busy most of the time cutting  still
16 not for selling but everything from orders  he said he would
17 give you a pair of vests to make and then he would of course know
18 he let me see a vest that had also been made by a woman
19 he said that she was even one of the most noted in the Falls  I
20 said that I thought your work not second to hers  much
21 I didn't want to say about it  but the work didn't seem to me
22 like the work I have seen of you  I believe sewing
23 is well paid there  at least in the same store is a holland
24 clerk with whom I first spoke about it and he spoke of vests
25 costing ten shilling to make  he said too that during the past
26 summer they had had a girl there to help a few days
27 and her they had given six shillings a day  how it would
28 have to be arranged for you to do the work [sewing] at home about that
29 we spoke too possibly that could be done
30 if you should wish it  this we would arrange then as
31 you most wished it now another matter  regarding the trip [home]
32 we had agreed that I should come for you  but that
33 trip will have to cost 4 dollars if I can make it in 2 days
34 and that will be impossible  so that it will cost all of 6 dollars
35 and then would be away three days at that

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