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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Touwn [sic] Holland August 30 1852 [Translation],   pp. 1-2 PDF (857.1 KB)

Page 2

Letter 4, page 2, translation
1   for you mother and the boys coffee and tea and soap  possibly in these
there may be some
2   advantage to be had  but the distance is too great  I can give little
3   advice in this and we are under the impression that you may be need your
4   you ask about our crops and cattle  in regard to the former we may
5   be thankful and have abundant reason to be so because they are reasonably
6   for the amount we have  but we cannot count many acres as
7   some can  as for the cattle we still have the same oxen and two milk
8   cows one fat cow  one pregnant heifer  two calves of 
9   each gender one  four big hogs  we believe fo they do not come home 
10  four smaller sizxed now one year old  and then also a sow with 7
11  pigs so 16 in all  ducks 8 growing up 9  cats 2  dogs 2
12  no pork  so that without trouble we can live from the eggs of our chickens
13  we are hoping for something better and have a hof in the pen
14  we are all well now  Isaac has suffered for six weeks
15  from rheumatism  he was so stiff at times that only with great effort
could he
16  bend over  for three or four weeks he wore that rope warped flag cloth
17  about his abdomen and under it his abdomen developed little sores
18  and now he is better  he sometimes didn't know what he was ailing from
19  sometimes he thougt it was because he had no pork  James has grown less
20  than Issac  he is becoming right engaging he says he is beginning to
think of girls
21  this summer on a Sunday evening he [approached] a daughter of
22  Wolfer and offered to see her home from Lafrouw's
23  but she became ashamed [to accept] because [she thought] he is such a
small boy
24  sometimes we get a great deal of news from the paper from the island
25  Goes  there they are very busy digging a canal
26  from Amszwest to Wemeldingen so that it [the island] will now be in halves
27  of uncles and aunts we know nothing
28  things are going here quite their old way  I know of no special
29  news except that Traas has rented his farm  so that he
30  is giving up farming and two weeks from next Monday
31  I have to appear again in court in Sheboygan for
32  Mr. Zonne  that case is not yet disposed of  what now
33  is to happen is dark to me  Janet, I was
34  in the beginning of my letter somewhat brusk of expression
35  but I am really convinced that you did it with the best of intentions
36  you will notice no doubt that my sentences
37  are beginning to be broken  we hope this
38  may find you in good health  Greet from
39  us all good friends
    Your loving father
     G : Brandt

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