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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town Holland January 10 1851 [Translation],   pp. 1-3 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 2

Letter 3, page 2, translation
travelled by steamboat to albanie  there we arrived the next morning    1
and there we were then at once transferred to a canal boat   on this boat
a Zeeland doctor came to us  he told us that our children     3
had the American itch   he gave us medicine   yet not      4
as a friendly gesture  however it was good  on this boat we had many fellow
travellers from ireland  now I must tell you in passing that we had also
a family of Amsterdammers  I had made their acquaintance at sea     7
and this man could speak a little english  they were of great     8
service to us   they were respectable people  we travelled with them all
the way here  9
our land adjoin  this is a little digression  now those      10
irish then on that canal boat from them we got thick into lice [meggelse
mieren]  11
we travelled 11 days with this boat and were towed day and     12
night by two horses   there are 4 horses with such a boat  2 in the boat
and 2 towing  and then from time to time they change spans  that canal is
500 miles  14
or 167 hours long  this goes on day and night  in summer there are     15
as many as four thousand horses in daily use those boats are     16
all numbered and we even saw some bearing numbers higher than fifteen hundred
of a hundred horses there are as many as 70 with blue [grey] hair and 100
cows   18
there are 99 with red hair   this in passing  all is down stream    19
from buffalo to Albanie  we were raised by locks possibly as many as 60 times
and at times 20
as much as 8 feet at Buffalo we were again transfered to a steamboat    21
on that we travelled 10 days over the lake again all down stream    22
to buffalo  so we were all the time travelling up stream  then we are at
Sheboygan which is now our chief town [county seat] of the province [county]
not of the state 24
and we live 5 hours [fifteen miles] from there  5 minutes off the main road
that  25
runs from milwauke to said city  on the left as you come from Sheboygan 
and there we have 40 acres forest land  in July it was 2 years that    27
we have lived on our land the 8 months preceding we      28
lived in a house of that Amsterdammer   he had two houses on his land   
in that house jan contracted that rhuematism in his shoulder and the    
14th of desember following he very unexpected entered Eternity     31
o dreadful time of which I can never think       32
without perturbation  then my two other boys the      33
whole winter I chopped wood  and then the snow from the 14th of November
until April  34
lay 2 1/2 feet thick  so that it was troublesome to work  that winter we
chopped and burnt six acres  if foot/measures are the same     36
then according to my calculations an acre si two rods larger than a Dutch
acre [gemet] judge 37
youselves an acre is 160 American square rods ^2 rods and 32 feet^ and a
rod is   38
272 square feet or in other words 16 1/2 feet long and wide     39

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